Shetland Shawl

walk with me wednesday

Not all days are bright and beautiful.  Walking, even in the gloomiest weather, is food for the soul.  Reflection.   The pictures  below are a bit fuzzy.  It was getting to be too dark to shoot without flash.  It was  wet and dripping.  The sharp edges had disappeared  in the gloom and mist. When I started down the path, a man and his wife, having finished their hike, asked if I had a flashlight with me.  The trail is only about 1 1/2 miles, but it was after 4 pm.  And, dark.  The woods is lovely this way.  You have to look harder. 




The last photo looks like something that would come to life in a fantasy story. I think it would be a bear spirit - it's just hiding in rock form for now.

I like Carrie's "bear spirit" in your rock. That trail beckons. I miss seeing rock walls like that in the woods. Such stories they could tell. I walk a lot dusk and after - so my camera is left behind.

Beautiful walk.

Thank you. Now I feel I must read some Robert Frost. That puts you in very good company.

Oh how I love the rock walls up here and how they appear in what seems, these days, to be the unlikeliest of places. When we were first hiking and camping up here we'd run across these in the depths of a trail and I would rant about mankind and his destruction of the virgin forests. Now whenever I see these in the woods, I am comforted both by how easily mother nature takes the land back from us when left to her own devices, and by the knowledge that we are letting her take at least SOME of it back.

I looked very hard at the "turtle" and it still looks as though it could get up and plod off at any minute.

So many cool rock sculptures. I especially like the colours and paintings Mother Nature added to them.

This walk in your woods has brought peace to my hectic morning. Thank you for it.

Another wonderful walk! Thank you. The last photo of the big rock kind of looks like a frog! Hope that's not an omen ;)

The thing that's best about the woods is that they are always the same and yet always different.

I love rock outcropping!!!

Very nice walk today...all dusky and half light skys...very "Novemberesk"...and the leaves are loosing the rustle sound now that they have been wet for a week....

I love walking at this time of the day.....the shadows play games with you :-)

Such a lovely walk... again, I'm inspired by the colors... is there a colorway in the leaf shot? I think so.

You make me think of walks I've taken late in the afternoon in woods, being alone with just the sound of my feet in the wet leaves to disturb the silence. What wonderful peacefulness!

The spirits rest in places like that. Good to see your rock.

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