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the after

During the past week, the nearly 50" of powdery snow has settled into a much heavier 30+ inches.  The dig into the house took only about 15 minutes, the cats waiting and watching from the car.  When finally released they jumped into what must have seemed mountains of snow and ran to dive under the deck.  That, the under, no longer there.  With their world miserably changed, the ran to the door and the land of familiar.  Poor things, they keep trying.  Shoveling the deck was more akin to calving icebergs.  The snow, though not icy, had formed a solid mass, perfect for cutting into blocks, stackable.  I cut chunks a foot by two and pushed them to the edge in hopes of getting them to roll down towards the pond and away.  The piles are now as high as and a foot above the decking.  Today, the blowers go into action.  Big guns.


Not much time for spinning today... and tomorrow, we travel back south.  An expected death in the family.  The owl had come to me in my dreams Saturday night, I knew it would be Sunday.  In the the morning, the excitement of getting packed and ready to travel had pushed my dream away.  Not until I spied a hawk at the side of the road did my dream return to me.  The trip would be cut short.  Maybe we'd have time to dig out.  We continued.  Onward. Forward.

Fly high.  Travel well until we meet again.


It is amazing how far behind I've become.  Bear with me.  The Yarn for Sale page will be updated as soon as I can.  It takes a lot of time to get the colors just right.  Give me a week or so.  In the mean time, if you see something you want, just ask me about it.  Thanks for that. Meanwhile, what I really want to do is hole up and SPIN.  And KNIT.  And play Sudoku (yeah...still). 


I'd like to finish carding some of Bess with the colored mohair.  I've swatched some of the two ply I made as a sample, with a project in mind.  Until I get some of my sweaters sewn together, I'm sticking to one piece knitted objects. 


Repetitive patterns are the comfort food of knitting.  With everything that I've had going on, I needed a project that I could pick up and put down, something to occupy and calm, not overwhelm.  I found what I was looking for in two scarf patterns.  Both have enough flavor, umm... stitchery, to keep keep it interesting while the over and over and over again make it feel familiar.  The first pattern, Anne's Hypotenuse, is my no brainer, pick it up when I want to concentrate on something else at the same time, say a movie, or conversation.  It is a great looking, lots of bang for your buck little pattern, easy to read the stitches and to memorize.  Big needles and big yarn.  I've got mine on #8 Lantern Moons.  The yarn is a silk and wool blend that looks like a dead ringer for Silky Wool.  I came across it on cones a year or so ago and had dyed this turquoise color as a test.  The yarn took the dye beautifully, lots of color and the combination of fibers gave it good depth. 


The second is another of Evelyn Clark's beauties, Trellis.  This pattern requires much more attention.  I have to watch the chart but can still pay attention to a show.  The yarn is another find, wool and maybe some silk, I can't tell so there wouldn't be much.  Needles are #5. 


home again, home again, jiggety jig

While vending at SPA, or anywhere, may not be the most relaxing way to spend the weekend, it sure is a great way to visit with old friends and make new ones.  As with all fiber venues, I am constantly heartened by the sheer numbers of open, friendly and all out exuberant fiber folk.  Amazing!  My time was mostly spent, confined to a 10 X 10 booth.  Kim and I spelled one another from time to time so eventually we managed to get around the vending room and check out all the great fibery stuff that others had brought.  We even managed a bit of spinning when things wound down.  Time sped by.  Sunday morning before we opened, I finally remembered to take a couple pictures.  Too little and too late.

P1030258 I realize now that I should have taken them when friends were present, who wants pics of a nearly empty booth.  Kim sits waiting to open.. 
There are pictures of all the fun elsewhere, out there. 

For me, it is time to start taking pictures of all that I have been busy dyeing and to look forward to the next time, the next festival, when we will meet again.  Thanks to all of you that stopped by to say hi and visit. 


walk with me wednesday

Ice Fishing...


I know what you are thinking, little shanties that look a lot like out houses sitting on a lake, men with beer sitting, gazing at a hole in the ice.. nope.  There is another, far more interesting, ice fisher.  I've been watching him (them) for days, years.  I know where he lives, what he eats, and I am going to visit.

With the weather being what it was today, my walk had to be planned before the storm.


I wasn't the first one to check to see if the otters were around.  The coyote had been there before me.  He is a regular visitor.  I knew I could look around because the otter was feeding. 


Otters are neat little buggers and have a bathroom out side of their house.  This family uses the same location every year. After the spring rains come and wash through the waste, a mound of silvery fish scales is all that remains.


  too much information??

They have a great location for a house...


I checked out the area, crossed the bridge and followed a few otter slides.



then headed for home...


I could have been an otter by the look of my trail.

fowl weather report

Seriously, if you want to know when something is up with the weather, watch the birds.  Or, if you are like me, your sinuses and / or migraine.  The past couple days the birds have been up to something, preparing perhaps for the nor'easter that is coming our way.  I've upped the amount of seed that I cast out onto the ground for the juncos.  All morning there have been dozens of them pecking about the yard.  Yesterday, I saw hundreds of blackbirds perched in a grove of trees, all facing the same direction, west.  Later, there was a flock of probably a hundred seagulls massing overhead.  Everyone is getting ready.  Listen up, they are probably a better indicator than your local weatherman. 

I'm averaging about 40-60 rows a night on the Trellis scarf.  Not much, but I still love this pattern.  Even the k7tog part.  The sweaters (all three of them) languish in my knitting bags waiting... waiting.  All they need.....  but it'll have to wait like everything else, until after the SPA weekend.  I've probably dyed about as much as I'm going to. There is a batch in the pot now and another soaking in preparation.  That'll do it.  As Kim wrote me yesterday, it sure feels like being a spender is a lot more fun.

Stay warm.