help me on the toe ups..
waiting for allium

more sock yarn, finally

Whew!  Here are the new sock yarn colors.  Hope you like them.  Some are repeats, some, like tomato soup and dream are new. 

Black_cherry  Comet

Dream  End_of_winter_ii

Gourd  Indian_corn

Iris  Leaf

Lichen  Mosaic

Mountain_spring  Tomato_soup  

Sargasso_sea  Sunrise


Next up for the dye pot is the alpaca & silk blend lace wt.  I've been nearly sold out for far too long.  I'll take a week or so off, catch up on gardening and family, feel the wind in my hair, the sun on my face, then get them going.  My merino & silk yarn should arrive during this coming week from the mill.  This is the last to be spun at Indigo Moon for me.  I am so sorry to see them close, but know that Mary Lynn is off on an exciting new life adventure.  Good luck to her! 

My apologies to those of you on dial up.  I know how slow this must be.


Beautiful. Hope the laceweight is in similar colors to the sock yarn, particularly the End of Winter and Gourd.

I don't know how you do it. But I'm awfully glad that you do! ;-)

Sunrise is my favorite...

Wow, that "Dream" is just gorgeous....

Gorgeous yarns. And thanks for illustrating just how slow my production is these days in comparison. Yikes, I gotta get moving!

Fabulous color combos. I particularly love Comet.

Backing away slowly from the screen . . .

Yum!!!! I want them all!! But I don't think my bank account would be very happy about that. I am also very tempted to wait for the alpaca silk....

Glorious riot of color!!! You've been a very busy woman!!

Love them all !
Each and every color is wonderful, if I had to I couldn't choose between them ;-)

Wowza!!! Those are to drool over! Yummy.

I just fainted!

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