more sock yarn, finally

waiting for allium

It was in my Grandmother's garden, that I first saw allium.  She had ordered the bulbs and planted them, as you do most bulbs, the previous autumn.  Now it was spring, the time when the smell of honeysuckle filled the air.  She walked us out, along the garden paths to show us her treasure.  They were the most amazing flowers I had ever seen.  Not of this earth, surely.  It was in the days when space exploration was new.  We had put a man on the moon.  This flower, this strange orb, must have hitched a ride home in the bag with the moon rocks.  I have loved them since. 






just like magic!


Alium are kind of like 4th of July fireworks in the garden! My mom had a bunch lined up like soldiers on one side of her house. I ought to drop a few in this year.

What a great series of pictures!

Hey, I was going to say "fireworks"!

They are beautiful.

...Isn't it great when you have a flower that can bring back a memory like that?

I've never grown them myself but they are stunning!

judy, your photography is magic!


Beautiful fireworks! My chive plants are doing the same thing in miniature. And the plus factor is that one can dip the chive blossems in batter and deep fry them for a very interesting taste treat.

oh I love the Alliums!! and my gran grew them too. One of my biggest sadnesses about being a gardener and moving from the east coast to the west coast is no Globe Alliums. I tried them, and they are kind of sickly looking (ground doesn't get cold enough in winter), so Thank You for the Globe Allium fix, and the story!

Love your story! I'm a fan of allium but haven't grown any yet. I plan to remedy that this fall, thanks for the reminder!

I too love that flower,Have been wanting to grow it,but just havent yet.
It is a relative to onion ,Is that correct?
Love it!!!

I love the alliums too. They always look a little Star Trek-y to me... the kind of thing you'd see growing on one of those "alien planet" sets that Kirk & Co would wander through in the late 60s. ;-)

Yes. Otherworldly, brief, varmint-proof.

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