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hot, cold, & sock yarn

Read a chapter, jump in the pond and cool off, move chair wherever the breeze blows (if there is one is blowing), read chapter, jump in the pond, ...  Last week was hot, rip your clothes off hot.  Today is cold.  Cold enough that C has been wearing a knit cap, and socks.  Perfect day, I thought, for dyeing.  By 7:30 this morning, I had the dye pot going.  Then the skies opened up, the lightening snapped and flashed, and the thunder....well Bu went and hid under the bed.   I got one batch of yarn in the pot before I decided that standing on a dirt floor under a steel roof, stirring a pot of water heating on an electric burner, in the pouring rain, made no sense at all.  It's been one of those days.   I don't have as much to show as I'd like.  The Harry Potter is finished, and digested.  Some of the alpaca / merino / silk blend I carded over the weekend has been spun just "to see".   

Here are a couple of the colors that I did manage to dye on the days when it wasn't SO hot. 

Gourd  sock yarn
Sure looks bright in that picture, it isn't.  Shades of orange, subtle to a bright rosy orange with khaki undertones.  Guess I need to photograph it in better light.  I made a pair of socks from this colorway last fall or winter.  I tried to go back to reference it, but waiting for pictures to load on dial up.. not in this lifetime.

Dress Blues sock yarn
grey to a greyed navy


gourd... droooooooooooool

Have Gourd from the last batch- drool worthy indeed!

Love the gourd. And the cloud. And the lichen . . .

I love your description of the thunderstorm. Everyone likes gourd up there. I like Dress Blues!

Oooo nice! I like them both!

The blue does it for me. Beautiful!!

beautiful new colors! Today seems to be shaping up well weatherwise too. Sounds like it might stay cool!

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