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February 2008

remember the roots?

My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams.
The thoughts grow as freely as the flowers,
and the dreams are as beautiful.
   Abram L Urban





When it looks like this outdoors, flowers make all the difference.  The promise of the brown bulb, anticipation of what will come, make the time 'til spring pass  a bit more quickly.



The past few weeks flew by.  I got up in the morning and started skeining yarn while I waited for the coffee, worked through 'til bedtime.  Everyday.  Looking back, it's only a blur.  There was a lot of preparation for last weekend's NETA Spa.  And, there were the Gust kits.  By now, everyone who ordered should have received their kits.  I really enjoyed knitting mine.  Having it knit in time for a sample meant fitting it in between trips to the shop and knitting up the Oh! Canada. 

Oh! Canada was finished a couple nights before I left. Since I was short on time I skipped the blocking.  I ran a sink full of warm water and soaked it one evening, leaving it to dry between towels spread on the table.  There, my sweet Sammy found it to be a comfortable addition to a hard wooden surface and took over the job of blocking while napping on top.  He did a good job. 

I like this scarf / shawl even more than I thought I would.  Anne's vision is just wonderful.  It "blocked" out to be a light, airy piece, full of motion. 




And, if all that wasn't quite enough...  we had snow..LOTS and LOTS of snow!


Pretty, isn't it? 

Another thing... to all of you sweet friends, you know who you are, who came and helped me unload the car, or pack and reload it after SPA, thank you.  I was wondering how I'd manage.   The answer was the help of friends.   

cables and lace

At the rate I'm going, I figure it will take me 7 days to finish Oh! Canada.  Seven!  Then there is the graft.  Knitting is for the evening.  Dyeing is left for daylight when I'm not in the office.  But... dreaming.. that is all the time.  Dreaming, I do!  Lately, I'm seeing cables and lace everywhere.  Something is brewing. 

Cables and lace.






It is there, isn't it?  Just in case you don't see it, please shake your head quietly and be kind.  I can see it.