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imagine you're a spindler...

..and a box is delivered to your door.  It isn't unexpected.  In fact, you've been waiting for the box.  Anxiously.
You know what is inside the box, but you have no idea what it will look like.  You open the box.  WOW!


It is everything that you hoped it would be, and more.  Now, suppose again you are a spindler.  A box of spindles from one of the very finest spindle makers arrives at your door.  You open the box and as you unpack each spindle you fall in love, over and over, and over again.  What could be better? 

For a day or two they are all mine.  They will sit on my table, a spindler's bouquet. 


Year's ago, in another lifetime, I traveled through Central America buying and selling wonderful textiles.  At first I wanted them all to myself.  Who wouldn't?  But, as time went on I discovered that to own them for a short time, to hold them, admire and discover them was quite enough. 

The spindles are from Ken Ledbetter.  He is, in my opinion, a spindle master.  His spindles look as beautiful as they spin.  They spin forever.  All are signed.  The weight is noted on the underside of the whorl. 

Saturday, they will be for sale.  Stop by the Ball and Skein booth at the Massachusetts Sheep & Wool Festival.  That's Cummington, for you old timers.  Leslie Wind and I will be sharing one of the stalls.  For those of you who know the fair, it is by the grassy area, just down from The Merlin Tree .


I'll be there bright and early!! Those are gorgeous!

I'll be ever so politely shoving Manise out of the way!

Judy, it is going to be tough to be in a booth for two days with those beautiful spindles. I am bringing a towel in case I start drooling.

Wow! Just in time! And beautiful, and and I'll help shove Manise out of the way.

Wow, if they spin as wonderfully as they look, those must be fantastic spindles. Gorgeous!

I might just have to buy me one of those. And I finished Icarus. I'll bring it to show you.

I might just have to buy me one of those. And I finished Icarus. I'll bring it to show you.

I might just have to buy me one of those. And I finished Icarus. I'll bring it to show you.

Sorry about that. I think it wss a Typepad hiccup.

But, but, but...what about me!? They're fabulous.

And just when I thought no more spindles. Shoot!

They are beautiful! Have a great fair weekend!!

How can you possibly resist keeping one, or two, or three?... They are stunning!

Well, at least you will have the terrific photograph to remember them by...!


If you sell even one that has blue on it before I get there......

Good LORD, those are beautiful. In a way, I'm glad I'm not going. I don't NEED anything else, and I would be very hard-pressed to walk away from them.

Judy, the one I bought from you today is another Ledbetter triumph. Simply gorgeous, and it spins forever. I am working up a "Vardo" batt from Enchanted Knoll Farm on this spindle. It's just a perfect weight for Josette's ultra-smooth wool.

I also succumbed to the temptation of a new nostepinne -- tulipwood -- from The Wheel Thing. It really is stunning.

I have done some wheel spinning this evening, but there is nothing like a good spindle. I'm so glad I got to your booth early enough to score one. :-)

The spindles are wonderful! BTW....I'm tagging you for a meme. See my blog for details.

Where and how could I get one of those beautiful spindles?

I'm drooling. Too bad I love so far away....Linda

That was supposed to be LIVE so far away. giggle. Even spell check wouldn't have stopped that one. Oh, well. Linda

Beautiful spindles! It was great to see you on Saturday (even though it was brief) - I meant to buy a Persephone scarf kit from you but didn't get a chance...OH and the hummers finally showed up! ;o)

Aw, I thought they were for you. I hate spinning on spindles, but I can appreciate the beauty of these. They're prettier than my spinning wheel, but someday I'll have a pretty wheel, also.

Don't suppose you've got any of those gorgeous spindles left, do you? They're all breathtaking. How did I miss your booth at MS&W??? Kicking myself repeatedly....

If you do have any left, I'd like to buy at least one....

Gorgeous spindles. Love the banner with them. (I thought they were your own collection and I was jealous.)

Have fun at the festival!

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