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ledbetter spindles.. they're here!

I got a little behind putting these spindles up on the Ball and Skein site.  Just about the time that my spindle order arrived from Ken and Carol Ledbetter, my Mom ended up having an unexpected surgery and I flew out to help her get back on her feet.  Flying isn't fun anymore.  Is it my imagination or is there a much higher percentage of delayed flights than in the past?  lost baggage? mixed messages when it comes to policy?  

This time I had asked for some with turquoise and lapis, spindles accented with blues.  Yummm!


They were worth the wait.  I've spent a little bit of time "testing" them, tempting myself.  My house is littered with little plied test skeins.  Each is a good lesson, not at all a waste of time.  I'd carded a bit of the soft white alpaca that I washed a few weeks ago with some merino & silk.  Testing these out gave me time and the excuse to make samples of two and three ply spindle spun yarns  in several weights.  In a class I took with Rita Buchanan several years ago, I learned to Navajo ply / Andean ply a three ply using a spindle.  It's fun to try if you haven't.  The technique is the same as you'd use with your wheel.  The difference for me is mainly that I leave the single that I'm plying from, wrapped around my left hand.  The weight of the spindle can do all the work if your single is new and still energized. A little twirl speeds it up.


Hope your mom is doing okay. Those spindles are lovely --

Pretty spindles! I hope your mom is doing much better.

They are beautiful! Worth the wait.

Sending good healing energies to your mom...

Keeping your mom in my thoughts, hope she is feeling better and better~

...those spindles make a pretty picture, they tempt me to think more about spindle spinning...something I don't do enough of!

So pretty, so useful, so want-able!

Ooh, just in time for my birthday!

I hope your mom's doing better; dealing with health issues is no fun at all.

Oh, I'm sorry about your mother! I hope she's recovering nicely by now.

And these are SUCH gorgeous spindles, I don't know how you can bear to part with ANY of them. ;-)

Your mom is on the mend, I hope? She's lucky to have you to come at the drop of a hat.

Hey-how does the walnut/lapis spindle spin? Did you have that one in Cummington?

Such a temptress you are! They are beautiful! I knew Terry would jump at the lapis one! I'm partial to the pink one.

Keeping your mom in my thoughts for a speedy recovery.

I must have missed something.I did not know your mom was ill.
But i do hope she s doing much better.
My mom has been ill also.
Shes been battling cancer for a long time.
Last year she had quaudrupal bypass surgery.
Because of blood clots formed by Chemo.
This year her Kidneys started to shut down.
But she popped back.And her kidneys are fine now.
Wishing your Mom the best and very fast recovery.

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