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After what can only be described as one of the longest, wettest, coldest springs on record, we have finally reached the end of the first week of July and with it the arrival of summer.  It was, after all, 45F on the 4th of July.  No matter now.  The past few days have been glorious, sunny and warm.  The garden is finally in, the solar electric fences have had sun enough to charge, and the ground is begining to dry.  It was hot enough yesterday to dry out the hostas that are waiting in the shade houses, potted up and ready for sale.  200 gallons was pumped down to the field.  The temps today will reach nearly 90 and give us something new to complain about weather-wise..the heat and humidity. 

This is the time in between planting and harvest.  There's lots to do but nothing frantic.  I know most of you are starting to eat from your gardens.  Not me.  The first beans have their second set of leaves, as do the cucs and squash.  The second planting only went in three days ago. Still, the gardens need weeding, the pond salting, and house cleaning.  I carry a spindle between the house and the barn, the garden and the field.  On my breaks, I sit in the shade and spin.  Spinning in this way of fits and starts isn't fast.  But it certainly more than 10 minutes a day. I have a finished skein of cashmere / silk to show for it.


1.1 ounces
160 yards,2 ply
spindle: Ledbetter
fiber: 50% cashmere 50% silk

For years now, as I wind of another of these little skeins, C asks the same question, " do you ever do anything with all those little bits of yarn you make?"  He knows how to get under my skin. It is a question I've often asked myself.  The answer has been to buy and spin up at least 2 ounces.  When I get ready to spindle one of Barb Parry's beautiful blends, I first separate the roving into two parts lengthwise and roll each part into a small ball. Question is, where is the second ball?  Seems like that happened to me a few weeks ago on another spindled project.  I have got to clean out a few of my project bags.

The baby Tulip Sweater was delivered and modeled.  She almost fills it out.  So cute! I immediately cast on for another, this time for a boy and knit with only the darker blue and green. 


I'm spreading all the accumulated blog fodder over the next few days rather than make this one epic.  It's almost noon and the heat is building.  The frogs have quieted down.  The cicadas are singing.  If it weren't for the damn blood sucking bugs, I'd string up my hammock and take a nap.  In lieu of that...maybe a bit of spinning on the deck. Summertime!


OMG, what a little heartbreaker in that sweater! I really need to get my hands on that pattern...

The sweater is perfect! Enjoy the heat!

Carrie can have the sweater pattern, I want to get my hands on some of that fiber! Beautiful!

What a gorgeous little skein that is! And surprisingly colorful when you look closely.

Yes, you did wonder where the second ball was. I don't recall if you had found it.

You describe the heat, the weather, the feel of summer perfectly. Baby in sweater feels hot, but looks completely adorable.

Gotta teach those husbands not to ask questions like that. Almost got Mr. E trained. Almost.

Kathy is right. She is a beauty, and so is the sweater.

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