winding down
goings on..

10 minutes a day

How's your 10 minutes a day going?  Have you been able to keep up with your expectations? maybe exceeded them? or has it been just one more of those plans that fell apart under the pace of a busy summer? 

With a few exceptions, I've kept to my plans and found that 10 minutes usually becomes at least 10 minutes more.  I've used it to spindle more than spin on a wheel.  Occasionally, if I am very busy and I know that the only time I'll get is the time I'll have as a passenger, I'll whip out my knitting. 

Here's what's up:

The second half of the cashmere / silk..  the first half plus a bit was spun and plied.


What's next on the list:  silk!


I divided 4 oz. into two parts, hopefully somewhat equal.  The color bands are long and by spinning a lace wt. I should have very long bands of color with a bit of transition between.  That's the plan.  Should I spin it on a wheel or a spindle...hmmm?


Hmm! If you're enjoying all the spindling, why not keep going with it? Or turn to the wheel if you feel the need for a change of pace. (Maybe summer is for spindling and winter is for, uh, wheeling? ;-)

Look at those leaves! Fall is coming. Arrrgh.

I guess it would depend on how quickly you want it spun up. But knowing you and your love of spindles, I'm betting you spindle spin it :-) In any case it'll be beautiful!

Oh, and my 10 minutes per day didn't last long. Need to get back to it. Off to the porch I go with wheel on tow!

Sigh - not very well. I moved one my of my wheels into my office with me, but it still hasn't gotten any time in motion either, with all the house insanity.

Silk, sensual, slow pleasure - spindling. If you wered oing this for a living, then the wheel, by all means.

Such gorgeous photos, even with the proof that summer's on it's way out.

Enjoyed hearing about your spinning and seeing the great pictures. Me? I knit. Someone out there has to be the "audience" for spinners, and I fill that niche.

Well, I'm certainly averaging more than 10 minutes a day, but I'm not spinning every single day. Knitting OR spinning every day, sure.

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