walk with me wednesday..
10 minutes a day

winding down

Monday afternoon, I clicked my heels (drove south into stop dead on the highway for an hour and a half kind of traffic) and ended up back in the city for the rest of the week.  The calm of the farm dissolved into the frenetic pace of a busy work week.  By the time I finished up my job and all the piled up office work, I found myself unwilling to fight rush hour traffic and the moose hours of dusk  further north.  What to do.  A walk in the woods, of course.  Puts me back on track every time.  Let's me know I'm one with the world. 



Love the picture. Happy weekend!

Great idea. Are you still here or are you back up there?

What a fabulous photo!

What a peaceful photo! Love it!

walks are good that way....

"the moose hours". I love that!

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