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6x6, the meme


Terry tagged me for this meme the other day.  It seemed worth saving for one of those "what should I blog about days".   Following the rules wasn't so easy for me.  I had to punt as I went along, still keeping it random.  My pictures aren't stored in folders.  Instead, I grabbed six cds, put them in order of date, chose the sixth, then the sixth picture on that disc.  If you want to play, here are the rules:

*Go to your sixth picture folder and pick your sixth picture.

*Pray you remember the details.

*Tag five others.

Consider yourself tagged.

...and that ends our month of blogging everyday.  30 days, 30 posts.  It was fun and got me back into the groove.  I shall now resume my regular irregular broadcast.


I'm sorry to see it end (though I'm sure you bloggers are not!) - I enjoyed reading your posts so frequently. I hope your "regular irregular broadcasts" are frequent. :)

Oh, summer pasture. I remember summer...sigh. Thanks for a lovely photo! And thanks for blogging every day; I've enjoyed it!

It's been great playing along with you. I've enjoyed reading you daily, also.

It's a beautiful photo that you chose.

Oh, just when I was getting used to a daily update! Wow...that month just flew by!

Beautiful photo to land on!

Look at all of that green!

I haven't been much for commenting since blogging daily for a year, but I have loved reading you every day and hope you aren't too irregular, there is always something beautiful and interesting over here.

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