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6x6, the meme


Terry tagged me for this meme the other day.  It seemed worth saving for one of those "what should I blog about days".   Following the rules wasn't so easy for me.  I had to punt as I went along, still keeping it random.  My pictures aren't stored in folders.  Instead, I grabbed six cds, put them in order of date, chose the sixth, then the sixth picture on that disc.  If you want to play, here are the rules:

*Go to your sixth picture folder and pick your sixth picture.

*Pray you remember the details.

*Tag five others.

Consider yourself tagged.

...and that ends our month of blogging everyday.  30 days, 30 posts.  It was fun and got me back into the groove.  I shall now resume my regular irregular broadcast.

time for buttons


 Button time.  

I can't go any further until my mind is made up on the buttons.  This little pewter one is the winner of the moment. 

There have been several contenders.  This one happens to be the smallest of the buttons and also the brightest.  Both of those features were its pros and its cons.  The larger button shouted the loudest.  That was a con. 


I liked the "modernness" of this with the contrasting edge work.  It would require a 3 stitch button hole.  If I changed my mind later, I could always use a smaller button and catch a stitch to lessen the size of the button hole.  Much harder to go the other direction, hmmm....


Don't you think this one picks up the little squares of the stitch pattern? 

The bottom band turned out not to be a problem.  It fits just fine.  The button band and the cuffs are getting knitted on needles 3 sizes smaller than the body.  I like a firm button band.  Less flopping.

Thanksgiving day we were on the road.  Today, I cook the turkey.  No knitting will be done this afternoon.  But this evening, when I sit down to relax, I have to make up my mind on the choice of button or put the sweater aside.   That would mean another project.  

Happy Thanksgiving

trotting out the turkeys..

If you've been reading my blog a while, you may recall that I delight in the pictures taken of the pardoned turkey with the president.  In preparation for this post, I went to the Whitehouse' official website where they actually have a list of pictures, by the year, of this event. One a year for the entire term of this prez.  Count 'em, that means 8 year's of pictures.  The best one, taken in 2001 has been changed out to better reflect the image of the office.  Don't worry, I have it ready.  I have to tell you though, the picture I really wanted I haven't found yet.  Sara's pardon and subsequent interview, done Alaskan style, top all of the presidential pardons.  Problem is, I haven't got a still photo.  You have to watch it on YouTube.  If you want to see the video that caused all of the fuss, the one with the turkey slaughter behind her interview, go here.  If I were you, I'd wait until after your dinner to see it. The pardon is a separate video.  It IS funny and appropriate before or after. 

Here they are, in order and taken directly from the official website... all of the turkeys from the last eight years.


Remember this one? Check out the video. The photographer who got this shot was pretty quick.

Bush_turkey funny







and finally... 2008!

There are more turkeys, two for every year, not one.  Did you know that the turkeys have alternates?  Most years, two turkeys are pardoned.  Some years they win a trip to Disneyland.  Imagine.  And I wonder why I find this so amusing...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

soup season

Its hard trying to think of something to post.  It can't be interesting to see a picture of every six inches I knit on the same sleeve.  But, with only five more days in this month, I hate to quit now.  Last week Kim  posted her delicious recipe for carrot soup.  That got me wishing I had some.  With the cold snap, soup sounded awfully good to me.  I commented that I make  a curried version and she asked if I'd share it. 

Carrot Curry (Yogurt) Soup

blend together:
2 T yogurt
2 tsp. cornstarch  (if you don't have it go without)

Grate 1 lb. carrots and cook in a pot with:
3 c chicken stock (vegetable would be fine)

Chop and saute an onion in 2 T butter. Add to simmering carrots.

Add spices:
2 T curry powder, salt and white pepper to taste.

I like to blend or whisk the carrots until they are partly pureed.

Add the yogurt, stir well. 
Keep warm but do not boil.

Want something easier than that?  Friday I went to Costco.  They had a wonderful carrot soup in a box.  Heat and Serve.  It was a Cashew Carrot Soup with roasted poblano peppers in a coconut base.  Yummmm...

99 yards

Great guess Elizabeth , you hit it!  I ended up with 99 yards of a lace wt. 2 ply. Total skein wt was .6 oz.  I'll be sending this along to you.  Email me your mailing address.                              

Osiersock_mediumThe sock kit is called Red Osier.  The pattern was written by Cindy DiDonato.   The yarn is  Ball and Skein's Super Sock 416 in the "Red Osier" colorway. 

Red Osier is a favorite of mine.  You may know this bush by one of its other names.  Red Twig Dogwood, is one I hear often.  It grows wild where my field meets the road and in an open spot in the woods that is frequented by deer.   During the winter, the red branches give a wonderful fiery color to even the grayest days.  But, it is silhouetted against the snow that I love them most.

that season

P1050623Santa arrived by helicopter at the local malls more than a week ago. Decorations were up in stores before Halloween was over and I've heard holiday music for weeks.  It means that it is busy around here.  Tomorrow morning it cranks up a notch and the season begins in earnest.  A trailer filled with poinsettias arrives and somehow, before then, we have to find room to store all of them.  Even though they will be delivered in boxes, all must be unpacked and unwrapped and given air.  Poinsettias have the poor habit of killing one another off when stored in too tight quarters.  Off gassing of sorts.  And, you thought they were "nice" plants.. right?  Everything is inside out and upside down.  Finding anything quickly is a challenge.  My studio has been dismantled and moved into the office, along with assorted decorating materials. Sort of looks like this..


ps.  We have a winner.  I'll tell you who it is tomorrow.  Right on the money!

next up


2 ounces of silk in the most luscious champagne colorway.  Hints of peach and green, but oh so subtle.  I'm spinning as Sara recommended when I asked, from the fold.  She was right, of course.  The silk slips from the fold smoothly, making a long draw not only possible, but a pleasure.

the Rhinebeck Cardigan still on the needles.  With the addition of this last skein of handspun, I am hoping to finish the sweater.  It looks a bit close. 


The rest of the wool is bagged but not packed away.  There are a few small worries.  Look at the bottom band.  It looks a bit too loose, wavy in this picture.  On the sleeve, I dropped back three needle sizes.  I'm thinking I'd better cut it off and knit down on a smaller needle. When this sleeve is finished, I'll steam it and try it on.  That should tell me.  The decision will have to be made soon.  Then, there is the choice of buttons.  I'm thinking that the smaller pewter buttons work best.  Six if they're small, five if I find a larger ones.  I like five.