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Whew!!  I can't believe that my last post was before the New Hampshire show.  It already has faded into memories of a beautiful busy weekend.  It is SO good to get to visit, however briefly, with those of you that make a point of stopping by to say hi.  Even nicer, those friends that bring their finished projects to show me.  Since that weekend, I spent a Saturday at the RI show.  The venue is as pretty as it gets.  Make sure to put it on your calendar for next year.  Coggeshall Farm Museum sits on the bay in Bristol, RI.  This was the third year for the fair, it is growing quickly.

This weekend is the Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft Fair.    Once again, stop by.. say 'hi'.
I'm in one of those stalls that are under the grandstand.  Same place as last year.  Love to see you!

Beach Glass, the newest shawl by Susan Lawrence, will be there too.  I'll have some in kit form with the amazingly soft cashmere yarn, Pasha, dyed in the Beach Glass colorway.  It is lovely!

NH Sheep & Wool

What a long week.  Monday afternoon, my washer broke, flooding my entire office and studio.  The well pump broke two days later. That means I went from flood to no water at all.  Now I have a new pump, a new pressure tank and muddy water that smells.  I'd love a shower.  To top it off, the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival is this weekend!!  I couldn't miss a beat all week.  A few new items will be coming along with me.  My newest knit, Anne Hanson's Trevi shawl will be there, and a preview of a new pattern by Susan Lawrence called Beach Glass.   I'll have the newest addition to Ball and Skein's yarn line, Pasha, the super soft 100% cashmere lace.  It was a hit in Connecticut and I've added a new color called Rusty Nail.  I'll be there in the same place as usual, the Home Arts Building.  If you remember, it is the one that has the cookie vendor right outside the door. Molasses cookies, the best ever.  Really.

See you there!

not easy

He's my friend. He's interested in almost anything I''m doing, at least for a minute or two. He cuddles.  He hangs out with me.  What more could a girl want.  He makes it hard not to laugh when I push him away, again and again and again.  Okay, if that's the way you want it.  He moves away and turns his back to me. 


Maybe a little. 


When I finished pinning it out, I covered it with the ends of the sheet so it wouldn't appear quite so comfortable. And, interesting.  I walk away.  Five minutes later...  yep.

February Lady Sweater

DSCI0040 Saturday, Cindy came by to have a yogurt making lesson, lunch and a photo shoot.  We had successful results on all counts.  Despite its brightness, which I worried over, I've worn this sweater quite a lot already.  It fits right in with the season.  The world of Spring is filled with bright colors, many very bright pinks.  Not only does it fit right in, but it is very comfortable.  How could anything this relaxed not be.




Details are on Ravelry.  My big spurge was the buttons.  The yarn was spun from Brown Sheep roving remnants, probably during the first year I learned to spin.  It sat waiting as an unfinished vest buried deep in a stash bin.