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June 2009

it has been so long...

I don't know where to begin.  For me, the spring wool festivals are over for the year.  Despite the long hours, I really do enjoy them.  So many people to meet, friends that stop to visit, gorgeous fiber and finished projects that come wandering through my booth.  I never seem able to get away during show hours to check things out, but lots of wonderful things pass by for me to see.  This year, the weather held for every fair.  It makes spring, SPRING.

P1060237 If you were able to stop by, you probably saw Susan's beautiful shawl, Beach Glass. Thank goodness she was able to send me her's as a sample for the kits.  I started mine sometime in May.  I can't remember when exactly, don't laugh.. I've had a lot going on.  Last night I finished the knitting, grafted the clever little bind off and finally, this morning,  I soaked it and pinned it out to dry.  Mine is the cashmere version, using the Pasha yarn in the Beach Glass colorway. I've enjoyed knitting it SO much that I'll probably start another soon.  The pattern is fun, not hard to remember, and a great project to carry along.  I knit until nearly dark one night while sitting around a camp fire during a weekend camp out at the Cape.  Those sssk combos need light to execute.  Certainly not fingers sticky with toasted marshmallows knitting in the dark.  The rest was done while visiting, at knit nights or while watching TV.  Everything except the cast on.  Seems I need a quiet spot if I am going to cast on nearly 400 stitches and count them correctly.  And, the cashmere... well.  It is cashmere.  Gorgeous, soft, light, heaven to hold and knit, lovely lovely cashmere.  Amazing stuff.

If you've ever snorkeled or spent time diving in the turquoise blue water of the Caribbean ocean, you may have found yourself swimming with the mantas.  The crescent shaping of Beach Glass reminds me so much of those winged creatures.  So silent.  So graceful.  I can see them, whoosh!  whoosh! an undulating rhythm, each push sending puffy little sand clouds across the ocean floor. 


There's a little problem showing her off to you.  The only space I had to block her was in a corner of the basement.  It has very poor lighting and she's resting a top an old sheet that is stretched over two flattened cardboard boxes.  Every picture I've taken has color problems, way to far off to correct properly.  If it ever stops raining, I'll get busy with her photo shoot.  She's not alone.  Trevi, her lovely Ocean colored sister, is also waiting patiently for me and for the weather.