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Walk with me Wednesday

I can't say that I didn't know anything about this place. It is just down the old 'pig' road, where my road ends. I just hadn't thought it was anything special, perhaps a grown over woods trail that no one used anymore, a fight to get through tall weeds and brambles, poison ivy, and for what reason. Nobody said 'you should see what's down there'. No one went there. Ha! That's what I thought. Some one did. Now it is a conservation area. What a spot. I thought today, if I can stand the mosquitoes, I'd post as I walk. Fancy gadgets, let's see.

Walk with me Wednesday

Walk with me Wednesday

Walk with me Wednesday

Walk with me Wednesday

my neck of the woods

Last evening a neighbor and I were talking on the phone about wildlife on and around the pond, some of the challenges I've had lately concerning such wildlife and that there was quite obviously a flip side to the work, that being the fun of hosting such wildlife.  Ahem.  I mentioned that one of my favorite displays this time of year is the Canada Geese parents giving water take-off / lift-off lessons to the goslings.  They have SO MUCH FUN!!  So do I.  This morning, as usual, I took my first cup of coffee out on the deck to take stock of things and wake up. There they were, down by the 'beach', a place I really do try to discourage them from frequenting.  It makes a mine field where I'd like to go barefoot if it ever gets above the 60's.  Three adults were bathing, while the fourth stood on the raft doing lookout duty.  This year there are 13 goslings amongst the two couples.  That's a lot of herding.  I am constantly amazed at the way animal young respond to their parents' commands.  They mind without fuss, and quickly.  Since last year, the lax set of parents have learned to keep their brood in line a bit more.  The strict parents are still that and spend more time on sentry duty than the other two.  Shows that things aren't equal , even amongst geese.  While I watched, the goose in charge indicated that the goslings should get back into the water and get ready for a group lesson.   On command, all take off flapping their wings, lifting themselves nearly out of the water as they head out into the pond.  Honking and general noise making follow, along with wing flapping and splashing.  Back to shore, a small wait, then repeat, over and over.  Unfortunately, the coffee works slowly and when I finally get my camera, they have finished.   In a day or so, they will have to prove themselves, individually.  I can't wait.  I know what's coming. 



They've only begun to discover their wings.  Flapping is fun.


I'm not the only one watching..


walk with me wednesday..

again or still....
I can't decide which is a better way to describe the weather.  After nearly a month, I'm thinking words like overcast, damp, drizzle and rain.  The world around me is lush, fat and very, very... green.  All the greens you can imagine: light greens, dark greens, blue greens, yellow greens, browned greens, green greens and evergreens.  Evergreen.  Ever. Green. Gorgeous. So green you can smell it. Eat it. Green. 






That's Ishbel. A great diversion for rainy days.