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October 2009

we have a winner

P1060543   sort of..

When I weighed the acorns the day I picked them up, I weighed only 2 oz. of them. There were seven.  Multiplying that by 8 times gave me 56 acorns.  They were full of moisture from the ground and the biggest I'd ever seen.  When I went back on Sunday afternoon to gather enough of them to make up a pound, many had split.  Although there were still a lot of them, there weren't as many as a few days before.  I'm thinking fat squirrels, happy deer, cheerful chipmunks.  The point is, that today, when I actually weighed out a pound, without choosing which acorns should or shouldn't be included, the count came to 59.  Smaller, dryer, whatever.  No two alike.. Mother Nature, after all.  There you have it.  Nobody guessed 59 acorns.  The numbers ranged from, I think 10 (holy smokes, acorns that size would be on the government's list of dangerous weapons, especially if they were falling 60-100 feet from the sky), to 250.  I assume that acorns are different in other parts of the country.  Steph guessed 57.  Good job!  Great guess.  If you email me your address, I'll send along your prize!  I'll also email you privately so you have my address. 


Those acorns won't go to waste.  After adorning my table as a centerpiece, they will be sent along outdoors to those who will enjoy them the most.  They sure look tasty to me.

long weekend

Saturday was a late-ish night for me.  There was a small party near Boston and a bit more wine than usual.   When I got home, I checked the phone for messages.  Nothing.  Good, it was still drizzling and my plans for Sunday / Monday were 'weather permitting'.  I could sleep in.  I thought.  Around 6:45am the phone rang.  Arrrghhh!!!! 

me: Good Morning..

Ready??  Looks like a gorgeous day, we're on, aren't we? 

me: Yes..I need to wake up and make coffee.   Do I have an hour? 

No, less than that.  Besides, we're going for breakfast.

me: I still need coffee to get to breakfast.  I'm up and rolling.  See you as soon as I can get there.  (there being the local airport)

Again, let me say, there is nothing like New England in the autumn.  NOTHING.  G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S! 


I love seeing the colors from above.  See the reds?  That would be the lower, wetter areas that support the maples.  The olive greens are the oaks and the greenest, the softwoods.  


And, breakfast.. yummm... smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber and egg on a panini.  Oh my!  We flew into the Stowe, MA airport, just for breakfast.  I'll go there again, by land or by air.  Really good.

If it hadn't been for that little morning respite, the weekend would have been endless.  The rest of it was spent stripping my office and studio bare, in preparation for new paint and flooring.  It'll be wonderful when it's over.  The process.. not so much.

It took a few hours to get the computer, printer, router, and modem relocated for use this week.  but, I'm up and running and the acorns have been weighed. 

the sky is falling..


Contest Alert!

When one of these falls from the sky and hits you on the head, it hurts.  The acorns are huge this year.  Walking the woods trails is treacherous, not only from above but from below.  It's roller blades out of control.  Or, maybe not.. hiking on golf balls.  Slow down, watch out, and wear a hat. 


Here's the question.  How many of these acorns do you think are in a pound?  I've weighed them out.  Send me your guess in the comments.  Next Wednesday, if I have an internet connection (I'm tearing the office apart this weekend) I'll let you know who guessed the number.  The prize is a skein of Ball and Skein's Super Sock 416 in the Autumn colorway.  I only dye it once a year.  It's all about fall.