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Pete the Moose on ABC News

 Pete the Moose Faces Uncertain Future in Vermont - ABC News.  Check it out!

Peter through fence

Pete hit it big time the other night.  He was on national news last Tuesday.  It was taped for ABC's  Nightly News more than a month ago, when the trees were still in color.  The battle continues but time is growing short for Pete.  there is an awful lot that ABC didn't say.  For instance,
  • There has never been a case of Chronic Wasting Disease in Vermont.
  • The advantage to having Pete on the preserve is that the elk that are taken by hunters and as a source of elk meat, are tested for CWD.  Wild deer, shot by hunters this time of year, are not tested.  If CWD was present here, it would be known very quickly.
  • The preserve is hardly someone's backyard.  700 acres is a large space.  Go see if you can find a deer or a moose in a 700 acre woodland.  Good luck. 
  • There are more than 200 hundred deer and moose living inside the preserve.  Most were born there.  The area was fenced years ago.  No effort was made to remove the native deer and moose before the fence was put up.  It wasn't so much an issue with the state back then.   It is now.  All of these animals are scheduled to be shot in January unless some rational agreement is reached.
  • You can help.  Call the governor's office.  Let him know what you think.  Or write to him, or the fish and wildlife.  The link is here. 
  • Vermont cares very much about its image.  We depend on tourist dollars and our Made in Vermont trademark. 

(Pete's picture is from an album on his Facebook page.  Good shot, huh?)

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!





Once again, I am tickled to find that the yearly Presidential pardoning of the turkey(s) continues to amuse me.  Thanks go to AP and Reuters photographers.  Let me tell you, a thirty plus pound turkey is pretty impressive, particularly up close and personal.  

I had a wonderful day with many of my very extended family, for which I am very thankful.  I hope you did too.

Now, back to the manufacture of MORE. RED. BOWS.