on making yogurt, still and again
walk with me wednesday


Glad to see you're surviving the reno and Christmas rush. How are your poor hands after all those bows?

When are you going to debut your silk/sea silk blend?

DH's cat Casper is convinced it is his bounden duty to sit on all paperwork. I see your cat has taken up the challenge, too. Good luck getting it away from him!

Oh, he's so regal! What a wonderful office companion :)

Cats make the best supervisors. They are the boss afterall, right?

Cats are ever-so-good at keeping the paperwork nailed down. Wouldn't want it to start falling off the desk, after all.

Hello, I've have been occasionally reading your blog and this entry really interested me. Regarding your yogurt, is it easy to simply add vanilla flavoring or would that adversley affect the yogurt. I've never made it, but I eat primarily eat Organic vanilla yogurt and would like to give that a try using your recipe. Thank you any input that you are willing to give.

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