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walk with me wednesday.. otters again

I don't do dead mice..

Surprised?  Whatever, it's one of those things. 

So.. when I sat at my desk this morning, answering the phone and doing basic office stuff, blissfully unaware of what lay below, it was me that was in for a surprise.  It came in the middle of a phone call.  I could barely speak, think or remain seated.  Then I calmed down, desperately tried to maintain a little bit of cool while I finished the conversation (something about an order for holiday plants), took the picture and wrote this post.


No socks, I always wear socks..  and yes, I could use a pedicure.  Where IS THAT CAT!

Now to find a glove.  Silly, I know.  I think I need a walk. 

Bet there's something you don't do.


Ewwww. But at least it was dead.

ZOMG!!! My Corgi girls would have eaten it before I even saw it, little snarfers.

I don't do dog barf, that's a job for Super Husband.

What a cute mouse; it looks like someone's pet. Nothing like a subway rat.

Are you sure the cats didn't leave it for you to discover, so you'd be proud of them? And yes, I've removed dead mice from my house. Frankly, I'd rather remove dead ones than catch and remove the live ones the cats are chasing at 2 AM some nights!


You need tongs.

I'm just sayin'...

At least it's not in the laundry--that's happened to me.

Ewwwww, yes, I'm voting for the cat(s) left it for you as a prezzie. Nice of them, huh?

Better dead than alive. I have one in the basement I've been ignoring. They seem to mummify rather than rot. Bleah.

Blech! I found one once in my washer (I had left the lid up on my old washer and was soaking socks - really gross! I probably would have gotten a little trowel - double yuck! I walk is really in order - deep cleansing breaths.


Bet you put socks on your feet today.

Eeek! At least he's small. You should see the rats who now stalk the subway platforms - not just the tracks below...

Sorry , but I can't stop laughing! I'd be skeeved out too esp with the bare feet almost touching it- or did you accidentally touch it?? Perish the thought!

The cat is off, pleased at punch, having done a nice thing for you and is getting gradually more irritated as time goes by and you don't send a thank you of some kind. Now the cat is confused. "Didn't she like my gift? Did she notice it? Is she taking me for granted? I never get the respect I deserve! And I thought she would be so happy. What do I have to do around here to make people notice?"

yikes!!! I don't do mice either - I'd have been screaming my head off so kudos to you for keeping your cool!

oh...it looks like a pet mouse. I thought you'd be saying in your post how it got loose & died!

Geez - looks like what was in the hamster cage last night. I don't do dead anything, thank you very much.

Are you sure the cat didn't leave it for you? Mine used to do that all the time. Such a sweet heart, he was.

Our little cat loves to bring us presents, too. She's always so proud of herself...

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