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It isn't time for us up here in the northeast, but all you southern readers, get ready, get your feeders out.  Tamara wrote me last week.  She's on the frontline of the migration, in Texas.  The Hummingbirds are heading your way.  The migration maps are up for 2010.  See those sightings in Georgia?? 

Map-rubythroat-us 2010

Yesterday, Terry wrote to give me a link to a hummingbird nest webcam.  If you haven't seen it, wow!! do.  Please don't bump me off.  I've been watching since she sent it to me. 

Live TV : Ustream

It's a Channel Island Allen hummer.  We don't get them east of the Rockies as a rule. Her nest is in a rose bush, with two eggs ready to hatch.  One has a hole in it and is different in color from the other.  I'm hooked. 

And you up here in the Northeast... I'll give you a head's up on the feeders next month. 


When we were in San Francisco at Coit Tower, Jason looked through the spotting scope thingy at Alcatraz then let me look and what did I see sitting on a branch between me and alcatraz but a spiffy little ruby throat preening away. Too bad I couldn't take a photo through the lens.

Thanks for the streaming video! Wow is right. I may steal it later on. Too early for hummers here in Middle Earth but they'll be back soon.

Oh yay! I am always so happy when you post their return each year.
Great hummerc am!

I can't wait til they are back!

I rely on your map updates. Thanks!

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