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Perfect Wednesday

There is something a bit magical in a summer's morning. Maybe it's the light, or the way the warm air carries the scents. Most days, I step outside, stretch my arms and take in the freshness even before I start the coffee. (Not much before, but.. before.)

That said, this morning was glorious. With coffee in hand, I went onto the deck with my new little inkle loom. One cup ran into another, so to speak. I can't begin to explain the attraction. It's fun to watch the colors blend and take shape. It just is.

It doesn't get much better than this. But, there was broccoli to cut, raspberries to pick.. and weeding. Back in the kitchen, the broccoli joined half a sweet onion, some garlic, mushrooms and feta in a quiche. Dinner done. I took the afternoon off and headed to the Old Stone House to spin. Such a lovely place, it feels like it sits on top of the world. My camera was in my bag. I had good intentions. Around 3pm the sky darkened and the rain started. The forecast was ominous, threats of high winds, heavy rain and the possibility of one inch hail. I left without the pictures.

* luckily, we only had rain, some had inches of huge hail and the wind.

** blogged from my cell, not too successfully, lol!


Chris spent some time in the shop this week making an inkle loom for me. I've wanted to play with one since reading Sara Lamb's tutorial, years ago.

It was a gorgeous day to spend some time in the shade figuring out how to warp and weave on my newest toy (tool).