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December 2010

ends are beginnings.. Happy New Year


It has been one of those years.  Time goes so fast that I don't know that I want it to be over, but then.. it was one of those years.  It'll take some time to put it to rest.  Maybe it will remain an uncomfortable spot in my memory, not really painful, but more like a scratchy wool collar, chafing, just a bit.  Some years are like that.  Time will tell. 

For the last day of December, it was a gorgeous day, warm and sunny.  The white winter sun reflected off the snow.  Friends asked if I'd like to join in on a trip to the botanical gardens.  If it weren't today, the last day of the year and beautiful, I would have gone along.  To be in a warm humid place, surrounded by tropical plants sounded pretty good.  But on this day, more than most others, I need to take to the woods.  I get my bearings, perspective, and sense of place in time.  Something.  It is a special time for me.  Have you ever noticed that the sunlight in winter is whiter?  Colder?  Of course, it is.  We know that, we learned it.  But to be in the woods on a day like today, you see it.  Feel it.  

I planned on taking pictures, and I did some.  The walk was more important.  Slogging in boots through the snow for 1 1/2 miles, up and down hills, is as strenuous as a three miler in sneakers.  I stopped, to look and to catch my breath.  I listened to the water rushing through the ice. The best of music.



When I came back to the house, it was nearing sundown.  The flock of turkeys that moved in a few years ago were coming in for the night.  They've taken to roosting in the woods on the south side of the house.  I brewed a pot of tea while they gathered, then went to the window to watch the show.  


As the sun went down for the last time this year, I lit my candle.  (Carry the light from the old to the new.)  The turkeys did as they do every evening. They flew into the tops of the trees and settled in for the night.  There it is. Continuity.  Flow of the water, melting of snow, day..sunset..night.  Old year. New Year.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy New Year!