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walk with me.. well not me..

Saturday I stapped on a pair of 19" snow shoes and headed out into the woods.  There'd been a major thaw and the top of the snow was crusting.  A few hundred yards onto the trail and I'd crashed through to my knees one too many times.  It was exhausting.  I went back to the house and curled up on the couch.  Sunday morning was gorgeous, even at 5 degrees.  This time, I strappedon a 22" pair.  Different sizes for differnet kinds of snow, you know?  Fabulous! A bigger snow shoe helps you float better.  A thick crust, and by now with the frigid temps, there was a good thick one, helps even more.  I took pictures of tracks in the snow and planned on blogging a few.  But.... then my sister sent me this video.  It is So much more entertaining than my walk.  Enjoy!


Wasn't I right?

testing.. warp speed ahead

..not hardly, not speedy, not me.  Testing, for sure.

Lat summer, I brought myself a new floor loom.  I knew then, that I'd most likely have to wait for winter to make time to play.  The extra time indoors is one of the things I love about the coldest part of the season.  I sure didn't think back then, that I would be spending SO much time on snow removal.  Last weekend, I dressed her for the first time.  There is so  much I have much to learn.  Just about everything is new to me.  Ruby Leslie's three day intensive weaving class is scheduled for the first weekend in March.  That makes it especially important that I get busy and familiarize myself with it.  I need to work out the bugs.  



Might as well have fun with my test, no?  I dyed a warp to go with some sock yarn I've been saving for 'just the right thing'.  The Autumn Leaves colorway, has fairly good runs of each color.   I'm loving the stripes.




I know so little and am learning bit by bit how little I know.  My tension is uneven.  I thought I was so careful.  My edges are wobbly.  I'm practicing.  But, I've figured a few things out, too.  

Tonight, the only thing that seems at warp speed is the wind.  It is howling.  Think I'll throw another log on and pour a cup of hot tea.  


birds of a feather..

Seems I'm not the only one in the family with my eye out for the birds.


As I was eating breakfast a flock of 60 - 70 robins flew in. I have seen a flock like that down by the lake but not here. The snow has melted from about half the back yard and the robins carefully groomed that open space. Do you think they got the groundhog's message and decided that spring is here?

Love, Dad

We haven't had a flock of robins show up here.  But, just the other day..

I was so unsure that what I was seeing was a robin, it seemed so out of place against the icy landscape, that I actually got my binoculars out to double check.  We've had a lot of visitors to the feeders this year.  It seems much busier than usual.  Wonderful to watch.  Always entertaining.  

















   and of course..




walk with me wednesday.. a winter superfecta

Do you know the difference between sleet and freezing rain?  I didn't.

snow n. Frozen precipitation in the form of white or translucent hexagonal ice crystals that fall in soft, white flakes.

sleet n. Precipitation consisting of generally transparent frozen or partially frozen raindrops. A mixture of rain and snow or hail.

freezing rain n. A rain that falls onto surfaces that have subfreezing temperatures and freezes into a sheet or a thin coating of ice. There is little or no air in between the layers of ice.
rain n. Water condensed from atmospheric vapor and falling in drops.

Basically, if you see them all in one storm, especially in one day, what you have is an icy mess.  All of the snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain that fell today have solidified.  I spent the best part of my morning doing what I could to remove as much as possible from the drives and walkways around the house.  I even cut channels into the snowbanks hoping to direct any melt water away. Pooling = Ice rink.  By 1:30, that brief little foray into the 30s had passed.  The temps are falling fast.  My work is done.  Outdoors is a frozen mess.  Shovels and a blower aren't going to cut it, maybe a jackhammer or blowtorch.  It is good to work at home. It is also good to have a bottle of wine.. and, spinning, knitting, and a loom to finish getting ready for the next project.  

The other thing I'm pretty happy to have, is a big window!!  



2 hrs. of snow removal equals one good appetite. **

Apparently, walking behind a snow blower, no matter the miles, does not constitute exercise.  If it did, I would have lost at least one pound by now.  I figure a pound a storm would be a fair trade.  But no, not one.  Nada.  Zip. Zilch.  I weigh as much (and maybe a bit more) than I did when January began.  When I emailed this sentiment to a Cyndy over at Riverrim, she responded with '2 hrs. of snow removal equals one good appetite.' **  There's a thought.




Between the storms, and work, and if I don't fall asleep (because at least part of me thinks it has exercised), I've been carding and spinning batts of Shetland and silk that I dyed last fall.  Each batt delights me.  The variations in the hand dyed fibers, each a bit different, all part of the same, fascinate. So much fun.



At Rhinebeck, I treated myself to one special purchase, a Woolee Winder.  I'd always told myself that I didn't need it.  Maybe not.  The gain in time and the extra yardage that fit onto the bobbin makes it more valuable than I'd thought.   



I'm hooked.