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Look familiar?

Before bed. With morning coffee.

One week until the CT festival. Six days of possible knitting time. This will be the last sample knit that I'll have time to finish before then.
I think.

I'm loving it.

Hummer alert!!

Despite the cool weather, and the fact that the poor Canada Geese that arrived Sunday had to walk across the pond to the smallish area of open water, it is time to start thinking (and doing for many of you) about our returning bird friends.  You know where I'm going with this, don't you..  

It's time to get out your hummingbird feeders!!!   Check the map.

Map-rubythroat-us 2011

In case you need to be reminded, the recipe for making hummingbird food is:

  • 1 part sugar / 4 parts water  
  • Heat to dissolve the sugar.




in april..

These are the days of water management, mud and puddles.  Melt water needs a place to go.  That's fun for me and my rubber boots. The torrents of rain that fell last week did their work. The driveway has mostly melted, but the snowbanks that line it still block the way to the culverts.  Ha! Clear the way... watch it run.  I love this stuff.  Friday, the snow had melted to the top of the bench seat, about 18". By Sunday, it only reached the bottom of the 4" slab. It won't be long.  


The pond is beginning to turn shades of gray, signs that melt water is taking over winter's white snow pack.  Water rushes under the ice to the spillway.  I walked with the sound of water running over and under ice dams, rocks and ditches. Frenetic melody. Music to my ears. Despite the heat from a spring sun, its still winter coat cool.  Soup days. I still light the stove in the morning to take off the chill and on rainy days like today. 


I knit. By whatever name you think of spring.. mud season, lambing time, sugaring.. eventually we work our way to the end of April and the spring Sheep & Wool Festivals.  I've got samples blocked, packed and on the needles.  Love it!



and Zak.. he finds other ways to spend his time.  Cute boy.