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No doubt about it..

this is the end...


..considering the size of the piles this winter, a small reminder of what was. 

Isn't spring grand?

Drying sweaters outdoors is SO much easier.  I finished my Dark and Stormy over the weekend, weaving in the last ends this evening after packing the truck for the NH Sheep & Wool Festival.


Out on the pond, the Canada Geese have nested on the smallest of the islands.  Most years there are two pairs.  This year, if the other couple is around, I haven't seen them. 

Look carefully between the two evergreens.  She's sort of hard to see.

Momma's looking away from me.  Dad chased away two Canada geese that flew in the other day.  Couldn't have been the other pair, they've aways shared parenting chores.  Very strange. What has happened to them?  The geese must miss them, too.  They've let a lone Mallard Duck take turns guarding the nest.  If only I could chase away the beaver that is hoping to make his new home here on the pond as easily.

The blackberry patch has dried enough to get in to thin out last year's canes.

It's a prickery business that leaves me looking like the loser in a cat fight.  But, it isn't a job that I mind.  Something about it, working in the sun, one of the earliest gardening chores of the season.. I don't know.  Look how rewarding, see how nice it looks afterwards. maybe it looks good to me because I know what it will become.  I can taste the berries.  (Probably from breakfast, there are still loads in the freezers.  We love them in yogurt.)

While the native landscape hasn't shown much bright color, the transplants are brightening it up.  Another thing to put on my list.. learn how to prune.  It isn't in my nature.  The bushes are wild, out of control.

Don't be fooled by the next picture.  I am NOT silly enough to think that there won't be more fires in the woodstove this year.  But, for today..




color me gold

The first days of spring, when everything is about to pop, are my favorite.  There is color but still transparency.  Magic. Use only your eyes, leave memory and expectation for another time.  This is a fleeting vision.  Today you see it, tomorrow you don't.  Today you don't see it, tomorrow you will.

I prefer walking in an open wood.  Fall, winter and spring.  Summer closes the vista, sometimes to inches, barely feet.  Today.. yesterday.. I can still look into the woods and see the contour of the land.  The sound I hear, I can see to be a squirrel.  Next week, I'll wonder.

Because I know this season has nearly ended, almost as soon as it began, I've upped my hiking to 3-4 miles.  I'll need to carry this time with me until autumn.  I don't bushwhack as often in summer, too many briars, thick undergrowth, already mosquitoes.  Yesterday I took as many side trails as I could manage before Chris (who has taken to walking with me occasionally) and my thighs complained.  This is hilly terrain. 

Exiting a wooded trail, we came to an open field of spurge, its musty odor reaching us before the view. I'd have expected dandelions, so much gold!












I apologize for the picture quality.  It was warm and I slipped only my cell phone into my back pocket, no room for a camera. 

Back at home, the finches have brought their own bit of color. 


That was yesterday.. the world around me gold. Today, not so.  I'm just now back from walking.  Green is the color....