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February 2012

way back in January..

..anticipating a long gray snowy winter, I cut a huge bundle of forsythia branches. There was snow on the ground and very cold temps (that week). It was early in the season. Who would have thought that the next six weeks would be so unseasonably warm and sunny. I tied them into a bundle and left them outdoors in the cold, resting until needed. Then, I forgot all about them. Several weeks passed before I noticed the bundle again. I sorted through and pulled out half dozen branches and brought them indoors. Less than a week later, they bloomed. Gold!

Most of the first group have gone by. They brightened my kitchen for nearly two weeks. Just before I left for SPA, I brought in another bunch, cut the bottoms of the stems, and put them in a vase filled with tepid water. Snow is expected. Not much, a few gray days then, who knows. I will have more gold. Bright, cheerful, sunny, gold.

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Setting up

Set up isn't pretty. The booth is laid out in my mind and drawn up ahead of time according to size and location. But... onsite, things change.

Yesterday's setup. This morning it gets dressed. Show time, this afternoon at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival. Can't wait to see who I know in Pittsburgh!

..let's see if this picture is sharp using BlogPress. :)

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