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Hummingbird Alert!


Here it is, 6:15pm, Monday evening, and I am only now sitting down to write a weekending post.  I've been SO busy!  I'm thinking that it is an early case of spring fever, brought on by the fabulously beautiful and deceiving spring weather.  Even now, as I type this, I have to pause.. the turkeys are out there, staring in my window, waiting for me to scatter seed under the sprruce tree for them.   Wait just a minute.. (52 at last count)

brrrrrrrrr.... the wind has picked up and it is cold!  I need to clean the ash out of the stove and get a new fire lit.

Let's see.... what have I been doing..?  Not much in the way of knitting.  It was stalled. Last night, while we caught up on some recorded TV shows, I finally straightened out the mistake I made, probably on the plane last week heading for LA.  We flew low and the view, both directions was spectacular.  Very distracting.  I'd put off frogging back to fix it in favor of reading another book from Laurie King's Mary Russell series.  Loving them!!  (They are a Sherlock Holmes spin off, Mary being his very much younger wife and partner.) I'm finishing my third.  A good bit of the weekend was spent sitting in front of the wood stove reading.  

Now that it is back on track, I should make good progress with this easy little shawlette. 


Another thing the weather triggered was my desire to get some serious walking time in.  Fitbit has made clocking my mileage easier.  For those of you that asked, I think it is fairly accurate.  I set my stride length when I got it but am aware that hiking conditions in the woods make mileage a bit iffy.  However, I have found it to be close enough to what I know to be correct.  I'm happy.  It has been a push to clock five miles and 10000 steps each day.  So far, so good, at least for the last few days.



I'm progressing with other far less interesting projects, ie. getting everything reconciled for taxes, meetings, inventory.. they all take time. Too much time, but everything took a bite out of the weekend.

Lastly, I'm taking Kim Klassen's Skinny Mini Photoshop class.  There were five classes that I needed to catch up on over the weekend.  I have used parts of Photoshop for many years, but never came close to understanding anything more than what I needed to make a good picture.  Once, I even decided and tried to take an online class, ON DIAL UP.  I learned frustration and gave myself an ulcer trying to download the lessons on a 14.4 connection.  Kim's class is fun!  Things I've always wondered how to do are begining to make sense.  




I'm really glad you are taking Kim's class, I found it to be so helpful and I learned a lot. 5 miles a day? That's impressive.

I am really enjoying it. I never learned to use layers so this is perfect. Did you take any other than the mini?

Pretty shawlette. Love the texture and color.

I just heard about Fitbit today. I will have to check it out. I wanted to take Kim's class but I am overwhelmed lately. I will try to catch it next time since Carole liked it so much.

I have a love/hate relationship with Photoshop. Perhaps if I knew what I was doing...

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