walk with me wednesday..

Friday's Photo and a reminder..

..that tomorrow is the Connecticut Sheep And Wook Festival!!   103 years!  

Come see us. Ball and Skein will be in the Gold Building, same spot as usual.  That's the building with the food.  Today, I'll finish up winding the last of the skeins, pack the truck, and head over to begin set up.  Looks to be a long, busy day.  

~Kindred spirit, thank you for leaving this for me to find.    


Ahhh, rock piles. Have a great day tomorrow!

Good luck tomorrow! It will be the first time I am missing it in years. It sounds like the weather will be nice and attract the customers.

Good luck at the festival!
Will you still be near the cookie vendor at NH S&W's new location?

One more sleep! See ya in the morning!

See ya!

Missed you this year, thinking of you though! Hope you had a Happy BDay!

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