Friday's Photo
Friday's Photo


The weekend started early..

Friday. Rough Point tour with the WGRI. The mist, the mansion, gardens, tapestries, ocean, cliffs.. We fell through the rabbit hole.


On the way home, a stop in Fall River for Lebanese pastries at Sam's. I stocked up in meat pies for the freezer and stood at the counter to eat an open feta pie hot from the oven. Skeined yarn.

Saturday. Still misty, woke to a fog. Took a wonderful hike in a world of retina searing green. THE HUMMINGBIRDS RETURNED!! Had a Rose Breasted Grosbeak at the feeder, and lots of turkeys. Began grafting the lacy project I've been knitting. Skeined more yarn.

Sunday. finished re-skeining last week's dyed yarn. Tagged and stored it for next weekend's show, New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival. Had lunch on the deck so that I could watch the hummingbirds. Wished the sun would come out. Later, it did. Took a terrific hike, part trail, part bush whacking. Found a lovely little cascade, too small to call it a waterfall and a huge old stone foundation. (pictures on Wednesday)
Finished grafting Hari while watching Sherlock Holmes. I like grafting and I liked Sherlock Holmes.


What a fun weekend and lucky you on the Lebanese pastries and feta pie fresh from the oven. I was thinking about you all weekend and the eye searing greens- in fact the whole complex sets of greens in the new leaves in the trees after your colorway 'Leaf' of which I have in my stash and a partially knit shawl in it.

Sounds wonderful, especially the meat pies! I saw a hummingbird at my feeder yesterday - hooray!

Ours have been very early this year - they arrived almost 2 weeks ago. Still not up to their full numbers, but pretty steady buffet line at the feeder outside my office window. :)

Lovelovelove that tree photo!!!

Benedict Cumberpatch? I like that he is so different from Jeremy Brett (favourite SH of all time).

The greens are getting pretty flamboyant, aren't they? *Love* this time of year...
See you Saturday in NH!

I like this post. Makes me smile :-)

Thanks. I am so happy to think that youre smiling. I keep thinking of you.
Have a safe and wonderful trip.
Id forgotten you went to KC. Kept thinking it was Philly.

You know I guess that I was at RISD.
Off to set up NH SW as soon as we clean up. Truck is packed.

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