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Friday's Photo

The phone has been out all week. So too, and for most of that time, was the satellite tv. Aside from my cell phone, hooked up and held in place on an antennae, it has been pretty quiet. That's not all bad. However, I generally notice that the picture quality in my posts is poor when posting using my phone. Sorry.

As the neighbor's flocks have grown, he's expanded into every available field in the area. I hear them from several directions. Used to be that I'd know when they'd gotten out of the fenced pastures by the direction of their baas. No longer.

Have a great weekend.

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Friday's photo

This week's picture is part of a mystery I'm trying to solve. 

Can anyone read this?

It is the first page in an old Bible, printed in 1590.  It has been restored.  I am trying to find more information on this particular printing, ie. how many were printed, where are others.  It is a beautiful object, the pages are wonderful to the touch, the illustrations elaborate and some colored with red. Just think, it was printed before the years of the plague.  Boggles my mind.

Here's a detail..





Saturday morning, the momma robin flew off the nest, followed by the remaining two chicks. It was raining. There was a lot of calling between the adults and young. We hope for the best.

Sunday cleared a bit and kept a good breeze blowing all day. As soon as it dried out enough, I headed up to our increasingly large blackberry patch. The canes had budded and I still hadn't cut out last years dead canes. It is sort of a mean job, so many thorns and late blackfly. Still, it is one of the jobs I enjoy. There is something about hanging out in the field, at the edge of the woods, methodically cutting and pulling the canes, that I find relaxing.

While I was busy in the field, Chris tilled the garden by the barn, making it ready for me to pop in the broccoli when I got back to the house. As threatening as the sky looked, the rain held off all afternoon. That gave us time enough to drag out all of our outdoor pots and plant the annuals, not enough to plant the veggie seeds. Not a problem, with a week of rain and cool temps predicted, they'd probably rot in the ground before sprouting.

The gardens have completely gotten away from me. The early warm spring accelerated the weed growth. Now, the rains.. I live in a northern jungle.

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The decoration on the wreath is a robin nest and it makes it a bit hard to use the door that is next to it. We're so worried about them.

One of the three flew out and away this afternoon. Three adult robins took after it, very excited. The baby landed then hopped into the woods, still with the adults. I wanted to rescue, return it to the nest. They were moving away pretty fast and I didn't want to frighten them away. I was always told you shouldn't touch a baby bird. I hope Mom and Dad get the chick back in the air. It flew very well...

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Friday's Photo

I have many orchids.  Although they bloom off and on year round, most begin blooming in May and display through the summer.  This is a shot of a few that are crammed together on a shelf in my back room.  


IMG_1644 copy

Individually striking, enmasse.. amazing!

IMG_1642 copy
Have a great weekend.