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Saturday morning, the momma robin flew off the nest, followed by the remaining two chicks. It was raining. There was a lot of calling between the adults and young. We hope for the best.

Sunday cleared a bit and kept a good breeze blowing all day. As soon as it dried out enough, I headed up to our increasingly large blackberry patch. The canes had budded and I still hadn't cut out last years dead canes. It is sort of a mean job, so many thorns and late blackfly. Still, it is one of the jobs I enjoy. There is something about hanging out in the field, at the edge of the woods, methodically cutting and pulling the canes, that I find relaxing.

While I was busy in the field, Chris tilled the garden by the barn, making it ready for me to pop in the broccoli when I got back to the house. As threatening as the sky looked, the rain held off all afternoon. That gave us time enough to drag out all of our outdoor pots and plant the annuals, not enough to plant the veggie seeds. Not a problem, with a week of rain and cool temps predicted, they'd probably rot in the ground before sprouting.

The gardens have completely gotten away from me. The early warm spring accelerated the weed growth. Now, the rains.. I live in a northern jungle.

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It's June - where's my summer??

With mine.

At least you don't have sheep eating everything in the garden faster than you can plant it... *sigh*

What beautiful scenery!

I would love to spend a weekend just like that!

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