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October 2013

feelin' like Halloween

Have you ever noticed that just knowing it's Halloween changes things?  The way the woods look?  feel?  how about the night?  The usual becomes, well.. unusual.  I can tell you things looked a little strange around here today.



How many of these are there?? 


Are they a 'who' or a 'what'?


                  huh?  (Maybe there are daleks, disguised.)



Isn't technology grand..?

As it turns out, the pattern was right. I had to prove it to myself so I spent hours charting it.

It's so much easier for me to see the cabled patterning in chart form. Everything falls into place and generally a glance is enough to know what comes next. More than a couple years ago I purchased the Intwined Pattern Studio software. This was the first time I tried using it. There wasn't any hair pulling or teeth gnashing. It'll take some time to work out how to use all the features, but for a simple chart like this one, it worked great.

Once I was sure it worked, I went ahead and plugged it into the Knit Companion app. The sliding row marker is wonderful for TV knitting. Isn't technology grand?!

walk with me

It is hard to take a bad walk this time of year.  There's so much color, so many color moods.  We managed a couple beach walks last weekend.  It was a nice contrast to my daily woods walks.


Subtle. Garish. Bright. Monochromatic.... any thing you want.  







knitting blues.. 38 stitches

If I'd knitted this pattern as written, knitting the front first, I might have frogged it and gone on to another project.  I didn't.  The back is done and I've completed the first repeat of the front cable.  When I got to the one stitich shift (written to happen on the wrongside), I was sure that it was a mistake.  I went ahead and tried it out.  When I saw the shift in the next right side row, I was sure it was a mistake.  I searched for errata.  The pattern, Paton's Celtic Cable Vest has been around for a long time.  Nothing was written.  No one complained on Ravelry.  I must be wrong.  I tinked back, twice more.  It is written to make an odd number of stitiches appear in the middle of the cable area for a seed stitich pattern.  Here:

Can you see it in the upper legs of the cables?  It really bugs me.


I'm at an impasse.  I can skip the shift and use a reverse stockinette stitich instead of the seed stitch, or I can learn to ignore it.  There is one more little thing......

The bobbles.  I've never made bobbles that keep inverting themselves to show on the back side.  These do.  

The thrill is gone.


Walk with me.. Willy

For almost as long as I can remember, I've walked in the woods with my cats.  There was a time when we'd go exploring for hours; cover real distance.  But as the years passed, I became more and more familiar with the creatures that shared the woods around us and I began to encourage the cats to stay closer to home.  Too many fishers, fox, coyotes and dogs were ranging close by.  




You can learn a lot following an animal.  I can't hear what they hear, nor see what they see.  I try.  These days, I walk with Willy. He shows me holes where chipmonks live, mouse runs, snake trails, and various scat.  We stop where others have traveled, rested, fed and left scent behind ..  



and treasures.  




smitten knittin'.. kitten

In case you were curious (or not) and haven't happened to see me at any of the Fiber Festivals we've been to this year, I am still a knitter.  Although an awful lot of my knitting time has been spent making samples for the Ball and Skein booth, I have managed a couple things for myself.  This little scarf, Miss Winkle, caught my eye when Matina Behm offered it on Ravelry late in the summer.  I was looking for a quick, easily memorized project to knit while visiting with family and friends in the evenings.  After about the third little loop, I was smitten. 



Blocking her was fun!  Really.  I poked around in the barn until I came up with a four foot lenghth of 1" pvc plumbing pipe.  All the little loops were then threaded onto it while wet.  The whole scarf was hung by it on a gentle angle to dry.  Easy. Easy!  I can see another one or two of these in my future.  

Back to back shows have me tired out and looking for another simple project.  Any ideas? 


There's another little someone in my life these days that has me smitten... 

Willy in box