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Walk with me.. Willy

For almost as long as I can remember, I've walked in the woods with my cats.  There was a time when we'd go exploring for hours; cover real distance.  But as the years passed, I became more and more familiar with the creatures that shared the woods around us and I began to encourage the cats to stay closer to home.  Too many fishers, fox, coyotes and dogs were ranging close by.  




You can learn a lot following an animal.  I can't hear what they hear, nor see what they see.  I try.  These days, I walk with Willy. He shows me holes where chipmonks live, mouse runs, snake trails, and various scat.  We stop where others have traveled, rested, fed and left scent behind ..  



and treasures.  





Nice turkey feather! I wish we lived in an area where Mason could roam outside, I know he would love it.

What a sweet post combining Walk With me Wednesdays and Walk with me Willy. Love the feather. I have one in a vase with other feathers I've collected including ones from my small conures.

Looks like Willy is the real treasure!

...nice to see a wwmw post from you...

Oh - how wonderful to meet Willy.

Did you bring the feather home for him to play with?

The closest I get to this is the chicken who follows me around while I do chores. You know, the hen who won't be convinced that we're not running a free range enterprise...
'Walk With Me, Chicken' just doesn't have the same ring to it, somehow.

You always make me laugh. Free range Friday. Chug-along Chicken.

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