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November 2013

Finding space

Early Monday morning, at 7, the first truckload of poinsettias arrives. They need to be stored in a warm place and they take a lot of space. In preparation, the dye studio and yarn storage were packed and moved into my office. It'll be a bit crowded in there for a couple weeks. Next to my desk, two boxes stacked nearly 7 ft. tall are filled with one size of red bows. More to be added. During the move, Willy found a spot to curl up in, watched the fun and fell asleep. Pretty good plan, I think.

it has begun..

We've been there and back again.  Ha!  Almost as soon as our last show ended, we got on a plane.  Finally, we got to meet this little fellow.  Our grandson.  He's amazing!  And big! If we'd waited much longer, he's have been holding me.  Living so far away is terrible. We knew that before.  After meeting him even more, now we know what we're missing.  


I took his Christmas stocking along.  He won't notice it yet, but new family members are gifted their stockings for their first Christmas.  They'll match the stockings that his parents hang on the mantle this year.  I can't wait to see a picture of them all lined up.  It means so many things. In a year when so many friends and family have been taken from us, the gift of this child, is just, well.. everything!!



Meanwhile, I have to get back to the current busines at hand.  It is THAT time of year again and bows have to be tied, wreaths hung, trees decorated.  



walk with me

The last of the bright colors are leaving in the wind.  Amazing searing color!  I'd like to be able to dye a red like that.  Nearly neon.



In the woods, the colors have relaxed. It takes a bit of time to appreciate the subtleties.  They are a bit easier on the eye and to duplicate.  I love both.  Someone once told me that wearing red signals a readiness to change.  Perhaps.  In the case of Miss Autumn, most certainly.