feelin' like Halloween
it has begun..

walk with me

The last of the bright colors are leaving in the wind.  Amazing searing color!  I'd like to be able to dye a red like that.  Nearly neon.



In the woods, the colors have relaxed. It takes a bit of time to appreciate the subtleties.  They are a bit easier on the eye and to duplicate.  I love both.  Someone once told me that wearing red signals a readiness to change.  Perhaps.  In the case of Miss Autumn, most certainly.




The grays and browns of November, sprinkled with yellow beech leaves and the very last monkshood blues. It's a season I don't care for, because it so clearly marks the passing of time.

That red! I love seeing it and wish my yard was large enough to have a burning bush in it.

And does that fungus not remind you of the rings of Saturn?

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