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December 2013

Happy Solstice, Happy New Year!

There are so many things I could say about the past year.  But for tonight, I wish to look ahead, not on the past.  I'll leave that for another time.  Perhaps when we can turn the page on our calendar and mark that new year.  It was a gorgeous last day of autumn.  Sunny.  Warm.  It has looked like winter for weeks.  A walk was due and taken.  At sunset, I stood outdoors and watched the sun go down, so early here as it drops behind the hills.  This is the night that all others are based on. The return of the light.  My candles are lit.  



lines and knitting

There's nothing like a little snow to highlight the shape of the landscape, be it a hillside against the sky, the curve of the highway or the shape of a tree branch.  This particular tree catches my eye frequently.




I was looking at it and saw the lines echoed those in my knitting.  I love when things like this click.  



This is a fun little cowl by Susan Ashcroft called Podcaster.  I'm using the stitch pattern to make one to fit the way I wanted it.  It will be smaller in diameter than shown in the pattern and longer so that it gathers up to and under my chin.  The yarn is Ball and Skein's Lyra.  Very soft.  

Getting ready for the season

The past few weeks have been all about fancy ribbon, glitter, shiny balls and lots and lots of poinsettias, wreaths and trees. It is easy to lose the spirit of the season when everyday brings a new decorating goal. Depending on the year, and when Thanksgiving falls in November, we have a very concentrated 2-3 weeks. Saturday we packed up the shop and loaded it into the truck. What is leftover gets stored for next year. I keep a roll or two of red ribbon around for last minute stragglers but otherwise, it is my turn. Clippers in hand, I got to work. I filled my outside planters with greens and hung wreaths. When Chris returned from the warehouse, we got down to the heavy work. One at a time our potted evergreens got loaded onto the hand truck and hauled up onto the deck. Every one was lit, this year with a combination of white and colored lights. All through the winter, we'll light them when it snows. It isn't only the holiday season that's coming up. Image

There has been knitting!

by: Beth Kling



This is my second Millwater.  I absolutely love this pattern.  It is an easy, take with, gratifying knit.  And, it is totally reversible!  I took this on the plane, to my knit group, and watched TV.  The pattern is easily memorized.  I recommend a row counter if you don't care to stop every now and again to check for the cable row. Last winter I made one for a shop sample and ended up wearing it between shows.  Knit in Ball and Skein's  Willoughby, the cowl feels like a warm hug.  The cashmere and silk in the yarn give it great drape and incredible softness.  I was sorry to finish this project and sat the next evening without any knitting, trying to decide what I could replace it with.  I may have to knit another.