Slater's Knitting Weekend
Happy Earth Day!




Last winter, when I was packing up my booth at the NETA SPA, I found a beautiful mini batt sitting brightly on my work table.  It was a sweet gift from Josette of Enchanted Knoll Farm.  I can't tell you how happy that thoughtful little gift made me.  I carried the batt around in my project bag for a few weeks before deciding how I would spin it.  

I decided to use my Modular Spindle (Ledbetter, of course) and make a single, spinning the colors in sequence.  As it was a very little batt, under an ounce, I spun two more cops of a beautifil soft BFL / Silk blend from my stash.  


That spindle is very special to me.  Ken made it from my own spauted maple, cut and milled at home.  I've had that wood drying for over ten years.



The three singles were wound together into a plying ball to keep the tension equal.  

Plying ball

I love the way a plying ball looks..all the singles so orderly.


It was a cold day.  The idea of sitting at my wheel in the sunny window was too good to pass up.  Wheel plied.. on my Dixon!


It ended up to be 180 yds. of a 3 ply dk wt yarn.  Now, what to do with it?


How pretty! Thanks for sharing your work flow.

Looks wonderfully relaxing!

Nice! And I like the view of the spalted maple, too. I have some chestnut drying....

Very pretty, both spindle and yarn, waiting to see what you decide on, :), no pressure :)

What a great little skein and beautiful spalted maple spindle (and Dixon too). I have a lighter lace weight one from Spindlewood. Got the next to last blank after Cate flashed hers. I have my Modular Spindle on my computer desk and was spinning some SPA fiber of yours while reading this post-lol.

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