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NaBloPoMo #7

The November woods has pared down.  We're nearing the season of bare bones and clear light.  


This morning I was shown a wood I hadn't walked before.  It was criss crossed with beautiful old stone walls.  An overgrown cemetery was just visible.  If it hadn't been pointed out to me, I could easily have walked through it.  The last burial was in 1896.  The headstone was still polished, the only one legible.  Most of the stones had fallen, some were never more than standing stone markers.  The property owner had refused to have the old burial ground listed, so it remains untended.  I wonder how many of these are scattered about, once tended, loved, now forgotten.   


Its almost time to switch to black & white photos. But not quite yet.

What a fun walk! I guess listing the burial ground would mean having to tend to it's upkeep and allowing people on the property to visit it? I call this season of the falling leaves Stain Glass season. The bare trees provide the framing/ veins of colorful sunrises and sunsets.

Certainly a time of monochrome coming.


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