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Happy Thanksgiving!

NaBloPoMo #26

It has been one of those very full days that you just do and get through.  If I weren't participating in the NaBloPo Mo and so close to finishing the month, I'd have let this one go.  The day began when I realized that the alarm hadn't gone off at 6am as it should have.  It isn't my job to set the alarm. Lucky for me that my internal clock works pretty well.  It was still before 6:30 when I checked the time.  We moved a little bit faster.  Our job was only scheduled to take the morning and if everything went as planned, we'd be off the roads before they got too messy from whatever this Thanksgiving storm was throwing our way.  It did, btw, go as planned. Four trees put up, lit and decorated in 2 1/2 hours!  I'm pretty impressed.  

I know that some of you are getting slammed with this storm.  It hasn't been too bad here. So far, we've removed about 1 1/2" of really sloppy, heavy sleet from the drive and cleared the cars, just in case.  Sounds like it is raining now.  My fingers are crossed that it stays that way.  The decorating season has only begun.  Everything is so much easier when it stays above freezing.  Imagine moving hundreds of poinsettias or planting outdoor greenery in freezing temps and frozen snow covered ground.  Leave the pretty snow for another week.

Tonight is about pies.  The apples are peeled and seasoned, the crusts are rolled and the oven almost to temperature.  Got to get back to the kitchen.  Have a good evening, try to stay safe and off the roads, and enjoy your Thanksgiving preparations.  


Just reading about your day made me tired. Have a wonderful holiday and a bit of a rest tomorrow!

Thanks. Im looking forward to doing just that.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

I think the weather will be on your side. I know your apple pie will be fantastic!

It was an icy mess here.

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