Shades of November

Ten on Tuesday

10 Musicians I Would Bring Back from the Dead. How could I resist? The first five are easy. I'd love to hear what they'd compose in this age. Bach Beethoven Mozart Schubert Wagner.. Imagine the Ring Cycle with today's electronics. Billie Holiday ..for moody jazzy blues, she's it Louis Armstrong .. more jazz, thick and raspy. Ella Fitzgerald ..no one can scat like Ella Duke Ellington ..his version of the Nutcracker Suite is my favorite choice for Christmas music Janis Joplin ..timeless Jim Morrison .. I love him on a late Saturday night Stevie Ray Vaughan ..


We share a taste in music.

Okay, it must be our era. Many of the same choices!

Chopin, and the Gerswhins.

Gershwins, of course, Ira and George, mostly George.

Great list!

I debated Stevie Ray Vaughn - Little Sister makes me think of my big brother.

Hard to narrow down.


Chopin and Dvorak. Duane Allman, Freddy Mercury, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong.

Such a great list.

I'd substitute Freddy Mercury for Schubert, but otherwise I'd let you be in charge of the music for a cross-country roadtrip. 8)

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