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Ten on Tuesday


The weekend was all about winter. Getting ready implies it is in the future. I shoveled our deck. No more procrastination.

We managed to outfit the tractors with their snow blowers and chains. It takes both of us to get the chains on this one. Her name is Millie. She has big wheels. I'm pretty sure that we did it in record time this year.

All of our big outdoor planters got their winter covers. The canoe was pulled up and kayaks dragged up the hill, down to the barn and onto the kayak rack. We cut enough balsam (brush) to fill our van entirely. Another 50 ft. of heavy wire fencing was wrapped around tree trunks (another chapter in the beaver wars).

We baked pies.

It wasn't all work. We had dinner with friends, drank wine and caught up on news. Ate pie. Had coffee with friends. Ate pie. Sunday night, we finished off the weekend relaxing in front of the woodstove, eating pie. A pretty good weekend, indeed.

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Mmmm, pie. Exept that I am a sucky pie baker. Just can't deal with the crust. Or the filling. Not my forte.

All I heard was pie. PIE!

What Carole said. Although I'll bet you could make a blog post out of the beaver wars.

Pie is a team effort here. I make the filling and seal the crust, Chris makes and rolls the dough.


Oooh a pie themed weekend! Love it and the fact you got a lot done on your to-do list up there. Hope the beavers respect the wire fencing or at least break a tooth or three trying.

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