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December 2014


I can hardly remember.. there was so much to be done. 

  • Cookies!  Baked, tested and packed.
  • Tons of laundry.. washed, folded and almost put away.
  • Books were loaded onto my phone for travel listening.
  • I took a beautiful walk in the woods.  where else?
  • It snowed.  I had nothing at all to do with that , but it was beautiful and a perfect way to great the first day of winter.
  • We finished the last episode of Marco Polo. It was hard for me to follow and I finally did some reading to fill in my lack of historical knowledge.  



I celebrated by making a batch of wine biscuits, something I haven't done in a long time.  I can't imagine why I stopped.  I sort of forgot all about them. After finishing the last holiday job last week, we drove up to the hill to buy olives, cheese, bread sticks and wine biscuits. When I finished the last one, I remembered.  

10 on Tuesday

The first 10 up, a random shuffle from my phone.

This was fun, partly because some of these songs I haven't heard in a while and partly because I've never tried to Shuffle everything on my phone.  I shuffle albums, not songs. Here goes.. a fairly eclectic blend, I'd say.

Since Pink Martini got two spots on the random list, I'm including a video of another one of my favorites.


  1. Doncha Go Away Mad     Jazz Passengers & Deborah Harry & Elvis Costello
  2. Clomentine    Pink Martini
  3. Everything Must Change     Beth Hart
  4. Qualified      Michael Grimm
  5. Una Notte A Napoli     Pink Martini
  6. Gimme Some Lovin"    Traffic
  7. Aguas De Marco     Antonio Carlos Jobim
  8. I Could Get Used To This     Diane Shuur
  9. Triste     Stanley Turrentine
  10. Jumpin Jack Flash     Rolling Stones


when you go out in the woods tonight..

I put a camera on a tree about 20 feet from the corner of the house. I have, as many of you know, been involved in a war with the beavers. They are winning. At the same corner of the house was a huge twenty year old lilac. WAS. Not anymore. I didn't know that beavers would a) come that close to the house b) eat lilac. Now, I know. The second thing that is close to the side of the house, is the woodpile. Beavers had been dismantling the part with the freshly sawed birch logs.  I'd found several pieces floating in the pond (before it froze) with all the bark eaten. Curious little buggers.  I wanted to catch them in the act.  HA!

Here's what I got.  That ain't no beaver.  This is early evening, I was probably on the other side of the wall, at the sink, in front of the window, unable to see out into the dark...



The three lights in the background are reflections off my parked car.  Note, that is 6:08 pm.  We'd only just come inside.  I think.  I've always told Chris that the bears are around, not to worry, just make a little noise so they can tell where we are.  Yep. I bet they always know where we are.


This was back in November, but I have been so busy, I never checked the camera, until today. Imagine my surprise. 

10 on Tuesday.. Stores for the anti- shopper

10 Stores... I hate to shop and even more, I hate to GO shopping. This is a tough one.

Pick and Shovel.. while not a general store, it comes close. If you need new boots, plumbing supplies, canning jars, camo undies, or a sheet of plywood, this is the place. There's a popcorn machine near the door and a Creamie Stand outside. Every week there's a sundae special.

Curriers.. Another general type store. Need snow shoes, ammo, or a box of cereal, they've got 'em. They've also got a great meat department that'll cut or order whatever I need. The entire store is filled with real stuffed wild animals.. Bears, deer, a bobcat and in the hardware department, a moose. Totally bizarre.

Dave's Market.. Specifically, Little Dave's. While this market has grown and added big new stores, I still go to the original little store. It has everything (almost) that I'd need, and a butcher that will get and slice up 10 lbs. of pork liver every couple weeks.

Costco.. There isn't a better or cheaper place to buy tequila, gin, wine and beer. They also have great prices on Starbuck's coffee, amazing breads and a fairly extensive cheese department.

Sam's Club.. Because they carry the brand of comfy jeans I like and sometimes, really delicious dark chocolate covered pretzels. Not lately, though.

Ocean State Job Lot.. You never know about this place. I get sunflower seed, kitty litter and men's t-shirts there. They carry my favorite pasta brand and Stash tea. The other day, I bought a beautiful soft shell jacket. Who knew? Their background music is wonderful. I have seen customers dancing in the aisles.

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