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January 2015

Friday's Photo

For years I have been frustrated with the digital darkroom. Working with a mouse, menus, and commands never felt creative in a satisfying way for me. Real darkroom work is tactile, physical. It is painting with light, a dance performed with your hands in semi-darkness. Then along came cell phones with pretty good cameras and it all began to change. The popularity of iphoneography has developers writing wonderful, creative apps for photo editing. Touch screens, tablets make it hands on again. But different. I'm totally intrigued.

Walk with me.. Wednesday

Bare ground or snow covered, the winter woods is magical. I am in my element. Yesterday four deer broused a mossy bank where in any other season they'd be invisible to me. This morning I watched 42 wild turkeys run single file through the woods. Stone walls have reappeared. Shapes, texture, light and shadow. Have you ever listened to the sound of the water bubbling in an icy stream?


Happy New Year..

..Welcome 2015!!

It seems impossible that we have finally arrived in a year that once existed in the realm of science fiction. But here we are. It's exciting, to have a new year stretching out ahead, full of possibilities. We've got a few new things planned, tricks up our sleeves. Mostly, we'll see how it rolls. For today, we celebrated the first day by doing what we usually do (weather and location permitting); we went to walk by the sea. I pack snacks and champagne. Today, because it was cold and windy, there was a big pot of soup.. beef with vegetables, barley and mushrooms. We played music and enjoyed the scenery. We ate, walked and ate some more. We saw the sun set over the Atlantic.



Just before sunset, as we headed back to the van, we came across a young doe.  She stood about 10 feet off the path eating, totally unafraid of us.  We stood watching her for about five minutes.  Then the wind finally drove us on.  It was a magical moment, in equally magical light.


My wish for this year is that we open our eyes and our hearts to the magic.  That we see it when we find it and that we find it often.


Did you know that there are meteors tonight and tomorrow night?  Dress warmly.