Happy New Year..
Friday's Photo

Walk with me.. Wednesday

Bare ground or snow covered, the winter woods is magical. I am in my element. Yesterday four deer broused a mossy bank where in any other season they'd be invisible to me. This morning I watched 42 wild turkeys run single file through the woods. Stone walls have reappeared. Shapes, texture, light and shadow. Have you ever listened to the sound of the water bubbling in an icy stream?



Your world looks cold and frozen, but I wouldn't mind a walk through your magical woods.

Too cold out there for me! But I'll gladly look from the window!

Ice like downturned trumpets! And you counted every turkey, too!

Although I havent first hand experience, I know for certain that your woods are magical, too.

Now that photo is spectacular! I can see faces in the icy stream. I saw a turkey vulture up close today while driving home from the gym. Flew right at my car and landed in the middle of the road to get some squirrel jerky. Huuuge wingspan. So magnificent.

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