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What a great weekend!  Well, except for the lousy cold I came down with.  Otherwise... very nice.

Friday night I went to see Solidad Barrio and the Noche- Flamenca.  It was amazing. I don't know which I enjoyed more, the incredible dance or the music and percussion that accompanies.  Haunting.

Flamenca                                                                                                                    photo credit Providence Journal

Saturday afternoon I went to a monthly Spin-in.  I got to visit with friends and get a bit of knitting done.  There was a spindle in my bag but it stayed there.  Afterwards, Chris and I went to our favorite diner, then out in search of Easter Lilies.  It has been very hard to find them this year and we needed a lot.  Our wholesaler was shy what we wanted.  I called everywhere I could think of all last week and finally, Saturday, places were getting their deliveries.  Dribs and drabs!  We filled shopping carts in quite a few different places.  

Have you been watching the series, Black Sails?  The season finale was Saturday night and it was great.  I do spend parts of each episode with my eyes closed, but...!


There were a lot of things I could've / should've done on Sunday.  The day was beautiful.  Instead, I stayed in getting our tax stuff ready, working on the display for this year's fiber shows and reworking the this blog.  

Did you notice?




Friday's Photo

I couldn't post only one picture. I walked everyday and everyday there was something wonderful. Overnight, winter let go. Daylight savings came back, the temperature rose, the streams began to run and the roofs melt. I saw two snowy owls!

One afternoon I came upon an otter slide. Two days later, a mink bounded into the yard, then slid down the hill to the stream in back. I didn't know that minks also liked to slide.

..and the snow fleas came out.

throw back Thursday...


I made this sweater while I was in high school.  I think that I was 15.  It was the variegated color that I loved.  I remember that the yarn came in several different colors.  This one was 'mountain' something.  I loved it.  I ran out of yarn ( and so did the store) as I was seaming the last raglan so finished it up with a navy.  I won't show it.  Today, I'd have ripped out a cuff and grabbed just enough yarn, but then... guess not.  I'm still wearing it.  I pulled it out of the chest today to go for a walk.  The sweater still fits great, hasn't pilled and I still love the color.  It has me thinking.  The past few years, I've knit a ton of shawls.. love them and wear them if they weren't for display.  And, I've knit some sweaters.  Mostly cardigans.  None will stand the test of time that this one and its sisters have.  Basics.  I made quite a few sweaters from the same pattern leaflet, changing the stitch or the neckline.  I think I'll make another soon.