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Adjusting to challenge

I look at this picture and can read Willy's mind. He loves walking the fence and running where he pleases. The snow had melted enough around the edge of the barn that he'd been able to squeeze under the siding from inside and up onto the snow banked around the outside, then jump up onto the fence rail to a dead end. This winter has required a lot of adjusting for all of us. Just when Willy could see the ground peeking through the thinning patches of snow, we whisked him off to another snow covered world.


I've been trying to do a different type of adjusting. Switching to blog posting from a computer on broadband to one on dial up, or an iPad on 3G is challenging. Typepad has had the worst mobile blogging app out there. I gave up on it years ago. Using a browser to get to their website and posting isn't much easier. One of the biggest problems has been uploading pictures. It's a win just to get the site to load. (I'm 5 minutes into it now and still don't have the posting options showing.) This post, if Typepad ever finishes loading, will be to test a resizing app. Photos are my biggest stumbling block to posting at minimal bandwidth. They can take until timeout forever. My fingers are crossed. If it works, I'm celebrating. If not, hmm.. I may have to console myself. That's adjusting, right?

Because I am seeing this post on my phone or tablet, I can't tell if the resolution is good or only acceptable. How is it on your monitor?


It looks pretty sharp.

Looking good here too! Poor Willie.

Looks good. Can't see details on Willie.

Looks great, Judy! I love the photo!

Looks good from here. I'm especially pleased since this means you will post more frequently when you are up there on the frozen tundra! Happy Easter, go celebrate with some tequila!

It looks fine. Thanks for braving dial-up.

I cant make myself do the dial up. Im battling with what is probably a slow 3G when theres a signal. Patience is my mantra.

I'm on my computer and it looks marvelous! The new responsive format is great! I love seeing your views.

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