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Friday's photo

Wow. It's a week later. Lots has happened. We've been to California and back. We also fnished the new display units, the rewinding and tagging of yarn and have packed the truck for tomorrow's show.

I hope to see some of you at the Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival. Ball and Skein will be our usual spot in the Gold Building. Please stop by and show off your beautiful knitted things. Isn't that one of the best parts of a show?

We're off in a few to setup. I'll leave you with a bit of cuteness from my week.


Friday's photo

If I had to choose one word to describe the brilliant array of color that hallmarks spring, it would be 'POP'.


The colors are incredibly vibrant, eye searingly bright. I considered editing the color in this photo to tone it down. But, why, when the blue is already amazing. The skunk cabbage is a shade of spring green that we're treated to in the earliest days of the season.

So here it is, another example of this compressed spring. The skunk cabbage was under snow two weeks ago.

Did you get a chance to put your hummingbird feeders out?

they're coming..!

Time to get your feeders out and ready. The hummingbirds are returning! I can't wait!


This week promises lots of warm temperatures, sure to pop out the leaves, hatch bugs, and by the looks of the mosses around me, stir up the pollen. Winter stretched on so long that spring is having to rush into summer. I'm caught off guard. There are snow piles melting in the shade and the hummers are coming. My boots are still standing at the door.

In case you've forgotten, the recipe is 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. I make mine in a pint glass measuring cup by measuring 1/2 c of sugar, then filling the cup to the 16 oz line. Not accurate but easy and close enough.

Walk with me

Signs of spring..

The driveway is a combination of snow, ice and mud. The roads are worse, all mud, thick, deep and greasy. You don't need a picture.let your imagination go wild.

The skies alternate between a glorious clear blue and lead.


The snow pack in the woods is finally condensed enough, packed if you please, for me to stay mostly on top with my snow shoes, widening my horizons considerably. (The freeze, thaw, snow some more cycle had made it difficult to walk without crashing through. With these depths, it was dangerous for me to strike out alone and my walks had become confined to previously packed trails.) I also switched to longer, 25" snow shoes for these ventures, just as a precaution.


The woods around me are a cat's cradle of colorful pipeline. Sugaring has begun. Late this year, and I'm told that is a bad sign for the business.


I have mixed feelings about pipelines. The structure is somewhat beautiful against a snowy background. But when sugaring'so over, I want them gone. I hate to see them in any other season and don't like to have to negotiate around or under them in the summer woods.

More snow as I write, but I t won't last. Tonight there will be rain, tomorrow warmer temperatures. The last week there have been bugs flying around outdoors. After today, I'd better think about mud boots and hang up my snow shoes for another year.

Adjusting to challenge

I look at this picture and can read Willy's mind. He loves walking the fence and running where he pleases. The snow had melted enough around the edge of the barn that he'd been able to squeeze under the siding from inside and up onto the snow banked around the outside, then jump up onto the fence rail to a dead end. This winter has required a lot of adjusting for all of us. Just when Willy could see the ground peeking through the thinning patches of snow, we whisked him off to another snow covered world.


I've been trying to do a different type of adjusting. Switching to blog posting from a computer on broadband to one on dial up, or an iPad on 3G is challenging. Typepad has had the worst mobile blogging app out there. I gave up on it years ago. Using a browser to get to their website and posting isn't much easier. One of the biggest problems has been uploading pictures. It's a win just to get the site to load. (I'm 5 minutes into it now and still don't have the posting options showing.) This post, if Typepad ever finishes loading, will be to test a resizing app. Photos are my biggest stumbling block to posting at minimal bandwidth. They can take until timeout forever. My fingers are crossed. If it works, I'm celebrating. If not, hmm.. I may have to console myself. That's adjusting, right?

Because I am seeing this post on my phone or tablet, I can't tell if the resolution is good or only acceptable. How is it on your monitor?