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May 2015


In this season of spring flowers and bright chartreuse leaves, one indoor plant of mine has been putting on an extraordinary show. My hibiscus tree has been blooming non stop since the beginning of April. Today, there were seven blossoms! If it weren't covered in buds, I would have moved it outdoors already.


It's time for all my plants to move outside. In a week or so, after the pollen settles, and the leaf canopy provides enough dappled shade to keep it from sunburn, I'll put my tree on the deck and cut it back. I do this every year, not so much for shaping but to control its size. By fall, the tree will have filled in again but still fit in its winter home. It isn't a small tree. It's about 8 ft. tall and almost touching the ceiling.


Do you put your plants outdoors in the summer?