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November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!!

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the annual turkey pardon, now would it?

"As you may have heard, for months there're has been fierce competition between a bunch of turkeys trying to win their way into the White House," Obama said.  





This year's winner.. Abe!

 or TOTUS 2015


 (Photo: Evan Vucci, AP)

Ten Minutes

Every morning, weather permitting, I spend some time outdoors wrangling cats. It can be interesting if the cat and I can poke around.  If the cat decides to sit in one spot for 20 minutes and wait for a mouse, well.. it can be pretty boring.  That's when bringing a spindle is a really good idea.  I can get a lot done in those bits of time each morning. 



Last summer, I spun 4.5 oz. of hand dyed silk.  After spinning two shafts, I'd wind them onto a plying ball.  




The yarn is a little under plyed.  Over twisted and under plyed.  When I decide what it will become, I may add twist.  It'll wait.




Weekending.. a terrarium



Last week we cut as much balsam as the truck would hold, and headed south to begin the decorating season in ernest.  Here, I moved my dye equipment and inventory into storage.  Everything and every bit of space will be filled with poinsettias and other holiday stuff by tomorrow morning.  It is a major shifting of gears.  Not only does the job change, but so does my landscape.  Maples to Oaks.  Literally.  I love each.  One not more than the other.  The smells are different, so are the colors.  

Before we left on Friday, Willy and I spent some time in the woods.  He hunted squirrels while I gathered moss to bring back for a terrarium.  It has been years since I last made one.  It'll be the first one of moss.   I'd hoped to keep it open, there is a wonderful woodsy smell to it.  Willy may change my mind.  The smell draws him, too.  Twice, I've found him investigating, pawing at the moss.  



I'd like to find another container and build a second one.  They're beautiful and fun to build.  The bugs will be the deterring factor.  Let's wait and see what hatches. 

against the grey

The juxtaposition of even the smallest bit of color against the ever persistent grey of the season, is part of what makes November so beautiful to me. I know the short grey days can be depressing. I like to think of these more neutral tones as huge backdrop. The structure of the woodlands is visible again. Color, what little there is, appears especially vibrant. Throw in a drizzly day to shine everything up a bit and I can't wait to get outside and poke around.

The other day I mentioned that I've been working on a couple series.   This is from 'small worlds / fairy gardens.




There has been knitting. Really, there has. I have a shawl to show you, and a sweater. I sewed the buttons on it last Saturday. I don't have much in the way of pictures. Instead of setting them up to photograph, I went for a walk. So... you get another of those pictures. They are what I love most. The autumn light is too beautiful not to enjoy.

Here's one to tease..

I love the buttons. They were my one purchase at FFNE.

and one to please..


Friday's Photo



Two groups of pictures that I have been working on occasionally merge.   For the sake of identification, I've named one 'small worlds / fairy gardens' and the other ' here nor there'.  I was working on one of the small worlds when this popped up where I hadn't been expecting to see it.  Here nor there.  More abstract than most, it captured my attention.